Protect tradition and history! Bugatti announces new program for owners

"Tradition" is one of the important elements in Bugatti. To embody this, we have launched a new program, La Maison Pur Sang. In order to preserve the vehicles that remain in Bugatti's history in the future, it will certify and restore Classic Bugatti.

The announcement of the program took place at a retromobile in Paris, France. The booth was lined with three models that symbolize the history of the brand: Bugatti's glorious Type 35C, EB110 SS, and Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports. Bugatti Chairman Stephen Winkelmann said, "Bugatti has always been a special car. Excellent design, outstanding performance and the latest technology are the hallmarks of the Bugatti. The Type 35, EB110 SS and Veyron are all It's a history, and I'm glad to put them all together. "

Regarding the launch of La Maison Pur-Saint-Saint, "Tradition and history are very prestigious and at the same time come with great responsibility. With a history of more than 110 years, we have always been I hope that the Bugatti with its history will continue to run brilliantly on public roads and be present as a collection for decades to come. La Maison Pur Saint , The official recognition of the treasures created by Bugatti. It is of paramount importance to protect Bugatti's traditions, heritage and brand knowledge. "

Luigi Gari, who has been a specialist in Bugatti tradition and certification since September 2019, said, “ The La Maison Pure Sun program has been designed to help owners enjoy the true and outstanding performance of Bugatti. It has started. "

In this program, Gali and his team will be surveyed and inspected to certify that they are valuable historic cars. They are based on old materials, registers, photos and component numbers. In the future, Bugatti also plans to restore.

It also announced an extension of Veyron's warranty program, celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2020. This makes Bugatti the only manufacturer to guarantee models older than 12 years. This program requires regular annual maintenance at Bugatti contract partners. Precautionary measures against trouble and general maintenance will reduce maintenance costs by half.

Veyron's interior and exterior refresh program is also planned in the future. The first step is to conduct a review and restore program. Specially trained technicians at the Morsheim headquarters factory will closely inspect the vehicle and record details. The results of the survey are then compiled in a booklet. An extended security program and a historic car certification program, La Maison Pur-Saint, will support Veyron owners for a long future.

I want to keep an eye on Bugatti's efforts.

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