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Protect your car from rain and wind, direct sunlight, snow and falling rocks. One click automatic opening and closing curtain "CAR UMBRELLA"-Engadget Japan version

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“ CAR UMBRELLA '' automatic opening / closing curtain that protects your car from deterioration due to winter snow and summer ultraviolet rays

Is it okay to leave that car in the field?

Do you put your precious car in a covered garage?
I think that most people use a parking lot without a roof considering the recent housing situation. However, the body of a car can be degraded by rain, bird poo, and UV rays.

①The inside of the car in summer is burning hot, like hell

In hot weather, the temperature inside the car rises from 50 ° C to 80 ° C when the car is exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, the high temperature may accelerate the volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and ultraviolet rays may adversely affect the coating.

② Stress builds up with the snow

If the windshield freezes due to snow or snow accumulates on the car, cleaning is a difficult task.

(3) It's not just bird feces. Fallen leaves are a must-have!

I don't like bird dung or fallen leaves on cars. Not only are they unsightly and unpleasant, but their corrosiveness can also negatively affect the paint.

ボ デ ィ Body damaged due to acid in rain

If you continue to be in direct sunlight after the rain, spots will appear on the painted surface of the car, and the paint may come off over time.

The new "CAR UMBRELLA" comes with eight functions to protect your car and you. In summer, the entire car creates shade and solves the problem of hot inside the car.
In addition, guard your car from spring rain, autumn leaves, and winter snow!

① Easy operation! Opening and closing is OK with one click of the remote control!

Attach CAR UMBRELLA to the car and one click on the wireless remote control! Then the tent opens automatically.
When storing, you can also fold it with just one click.

② OK with just one click of the button on the main unit

Start / stop / storing is possible with one click of the button on the main unit. It is safe because you can use it even if the battery of the dedicated remote control runs out.

③ Safe even if the battery runs out ♪ Manual startup is also OK

Simply pull out the power pin to switch to manual operation. In this case, it's okay if the battery of CAR UMBRELLA runs out.

Protects your car from direct sunlight

There is a layer of air flow between the tent surface and the car roof, which increases the temperature of the tent surface and does not transfer heat to the interior of the car. In addition, there is no need to worry about ultraviolet rays because it uses an Oxford material that has a high UV cut effect. Furthermore, heat dissipation is excellent by silver coating processing.

Measure the temperature inside the car in an environment exposed to direct sunlight

Even in summer when the temperature inside the car is over 50 degrees Celsius, it can be kept below 40 degrees Celsius by attaching CAR UMBRELLA. It is also effective in preventing heat stroke, so it is safe to carry small children.

It's okay if rain or bird droppings! Uses a highly waterproof Oxford material

The CAR UMBRELLA fabric is made of Oxford material, which has high waterproofing and antioxidant effects and excellent corrosion resistance. So it not only repels moisture but also prevents oxidation and corrosion due to acid rain and bird droppings.

Protect your precious car from the impact of strong winds and falling objects

CAR UMBRELLA's bones are made of strong glass fiber. Furthermore, the durable nitrile rubber is adopted for the suction cup attached to the car. So it's okay if something weighs down or strong winds blow. The tent softens the shock and protects your precious car. I just pray that the meteorite will not fall.

We protect well from freezing and snow!

It doesn't matter if there is no roof in the parking lot. Just attach CAR UMBRELLA to the car to prevent the windshield from freezing and snow. This will save you valuable time in the morning from snow removal and thawing.

(1) Attach six windproof ropes to improve the stability of the curtain!

Six windbreak ropes are installed inside the curtain. By attaching the windproof rope firmly during use, the stability of the curtain is improved.

② Reason why the frame is not broken

Hooks are used to connect the tent fabric and the framework, so that they are not completely fixed. This is because when the wind power reaches class 4-5 (wind speed approx. 5-10m / s), the hooks automatically come off, separating the tent fabric from the frame, releasing the wind force and preventing the frame from breaking.

③ Increased durability by narrowing the movable range of the frame

Due to the limited range of motion of the skeleton, it does not bend to the other side even when exposed to the wind, and has excellent durability. It also helps prevent assembly errors.

Wired security rope prevents theft

The security rope contains two wires that are difficult to cut. You can prevent theft by putting this security rope in the car and pinching it to the door.

It is hard to come off because it is a powerful suction cup with a maximum load capacity of 70 kg

CAR UMBRELLA's tent is fitted with a nitrile rubber suction cup that can withstand up to 70 kg of force. This improves stability when using curtains. It does not come off unless there is enough time because the suction power is strong.

Wind resistance improves by making the frame Y-shaped!

The Y-shaped skeleton distributes the pressure received, increases overall stability and increases wind resistance. It also extends the service life.

Uses glass fiber with high hardness

CAR UMBRELLA uses a rigid glass fiber pole that is also used for military purposes. The elliptical cross section reduces weight without reducing hardness. Has strong wind resistance.

Outstanding waterproof effect with Oxford material!

The material of the tent part of CAR UMBRELLA uses high-grade 210 denier Oxford. The fabric is specially water-proofed, so it is easy to maintain even if it gets wet in the rain. In addition, heat dissipation is improved by multilayer silver coating treatment. In addition, there is no need to worry about UV rays as it is also effective for UV protection. Oxford material is the ideal material.

It is hard to damage your car because it is a soft resin with a round design

Using a car tent often scratches the car. That's why CAR UMBRELLA uses soft resin for the contact with the car body. The rounded design reduces friction and prevents the skeleton from damaging the car surface.

① Battery removal OK! Easy charging ♪

In the conventional general curtain, the battery cannot be removed, so it was necessary to carry a large tent in the car or at home and charge it. However, CAR UMBRELLA can be recharged by removing the battery with a single touch. It is easy to carry and can be charged without taking up space. This product comes with a home charger and a cigarette lighter, so you can charge it at home or in the office.

(2) Uses a highly accurate Italian IC chip

The main control unit of the battery uses a highly accurate Italian IC. This allows the lithium-ion battery to operate stably.

(3) With power switch to reduce wasteful power consumption

When you do not operate CAR UMBRELLA, please turn off the power switch on the battery pack.
Reduce wasteful power consumption and extend battery life.

Realizes smooth operation with a powerful power system of 700N

Precision gears and a skillful electric structure produce a maximum thrust of 700N (Newton), enabling the product to operate smoothly.

Lightweight and compact while realizing the strength of the material!

This product uses lightweight and durable materials and succeeds in reducing the weight by 30% compared to equivalent products made by other companies. Lightweight for easy installation.

It can be placed in the trunk because it is super compact if folded

Although it is a large size of 4.8 mx 2.3 m when spread, it is really compact at 90 x 20 x 20 mm when stored. Easy to put in car trunk.

With a fun stand that spreads the fun ♪

By combining the optional stand, you can enjoy the outdoor and leisure scene more comfortably. Barbecue, sea bathing, etc., please spend your leisure more comfortably.

Available for various car models

CAR UMBRELLA can be used for various types of vehicles such as sedans, pickups, SUVs, station wagons, MPVs / commercial vehicles, Jeeps, and mini vehicles.

Color development

Two colors are available (navy and silver). You can choose according to your needs.

#CAR UMBRELLA Specifications

#CAR UMBRELLA main unit and accessories

#Specification of dedicated stand

#Exclusive stand set

Many safety certifications and patents

CAR UMBRELLA has obtained many international product certifications to ensure quality and safety.

Manufacturing technology with ingenuity

From product planning to realization, mynew is consistently from the customer's point of view.
We always think about what our customers need most and repeat trial and error to pursue the operability and ease of use of our products, and derive original ideas and approaches.
To ensure that our customers can use our products comfortably, we constantly refine our technical skills and constantly strive to deliver the best products.

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■ January 2020 ■ Cloud funding started

■ March 13, 2020 ■ Cloud funding ended

■ May 2020 ■ Scheduled delivery in Japan


1, Do not drive the car while using the curtain.

2, When using, please adjust the tension of the windproof rope to secure the curtain.

3. Be sure to install a windproof rope when opening the curtain.

4, we recommend using a car with a sunroof. If you do not have a sunroof, use it with sunroof film.

5, Do not use on extremely bad weather such as windy day, rainy day, heavy snow etc.

6, If the wind becomes strong during use, please close and store the curtain immediately. First remove all hooks on the tent fabric, then remove the windproof hook. Otherwise, there is a danger of being upset by the wind.

7. If it breaks down, press the switch under the handle to see if it can be stored. If it cannot be stored, connect it to the car's charging power source and use the remote control to store it. If you cannot try these items, switch to manual mode and store them. Remove all hooks of the tent fabric, remove the power pin on the base part, separate the skeleton and the pole, and you can store it manually.

8, If you lost the remote control, please contact customer support.

#Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to install on car

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2. Battery life

«To open and close the curtain once a day»

30 days (after every use, turn off the power button)

«If you do not open and close the curtain for a while»

About 50 days (power button is kept off)

About 20 days (with power button on all the time)

* Days from fully charged state


mynew, founded in the spring of 2015, is a company that designs, researches, develops, produces and sells "automatically openable curtains".
The “ automatic opening / closing curtain '', which we have developed with a focus on the customer's perspective, is high quality, has a high design and can be easily used by anyone.
Since the start of sales, sales have grown steadily and have always led the industry.
Currently, we have obtained many international patents and are working on many OEMs with overseas brands.


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