PS VR “ Space Channel 5 VR '' released on February 26-Masterpiece game becomes VR

Granding will launch a VR game on the theme of Sega's "Space Channel 5" on February 10.Space Channel 5 VR Arakata ★ Dancing Show[Specchan VR], announced that PlayStation VR [PSVR] download version software will be released on February 26. The price is 3980 yen [excluding tax].

Space Channel 5 is a game title on the theme of music and dance released 20 years ago by Sega for Dreamcast. Specchan VR is a game set on the 25th-century space television station "Space Channel 5", in which players themselves become new reporters and report on incidents together with senior reporter "Urara". PlayStation Move Holds a motion controller in your hand, and moves forward while actually moving your body and dancing.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2qmCQhM0dQ [/ embed]

音 楽 In addition, on March 27 at Shibuya Stream Hall, a music event commemorating the release and the 20th anniversary of this workSpace Channel 5 Ukiuki Music FestivalIs also decided. Live performances by DJ & VJ, horn section live performance, dancing show by the main character Urara's motion dancer, and talk event by a developer with guest guest Yuki Nakajima who has appeared as a voice actor in this work. Tickets are on sale from February 10.

[C] SEGA [C] Grounding Inc.

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