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PS5 technology announcement, dissatisfaction with "undisclosed parts" increase? Many negative ratings on YouTube video-Engadget Japan version

Sony had finally announcedWe released some specifications of PlayStation 5. However"The Road to PS5"The YouTube video for developers has a high rating of 210,000 and a low rating of 89,000 [as of 17:00 on March 19].

Regarding this evaluation, since the contents of the session, which was originally prepared for the game developer conference GDC and mostly technical explanations, were made public, the general audience simply asking for PS5 information was “ difficult Too much. "

However, the overseas tech media BGR enumerated "what Sony did not announce" in this session, and stated that there was an analysis that there was a cause of viewer dissatisfaction. [/ embed]

First of all, BGR is long about Sony's PS5 cooling system [operating with variable frequency CPU and GPU, keeping the power consumption at a safe level that does not cause thermal runaway, and performing as much as possible] He pointed out that he did not disclose the appearance design of the related PS5, despite having said it.

On the other hand, rival next-generation game console Xbox Series X of Microsoft,Body designAnd memory and SSD are tightly integrated"Velocity architecture"Not only that, but a heat sink that is large enough to cover the entire boardReveals the cooling structure.

One possible indication of this contrasting attitude is that Sony may aim to maintain consumer interest by keeping the exterior design of the PS5 secret.
The other is that the cooling system, including the PS5 itself, has not yet been optimized, and at this point it can be guessed that we are worried that it will raise questions about performance.

Second, BGR lists that Sony did not publish or mention a new controller for the PS5.
Under the tentative name of "DUALSHOCK5",Photo leaks along with hardware called prototype of PS5 development kitAndPatent that can read heart rate and sweat from controllerHas been discovered, but Sony officials said last October"New haptic and immersive controller"No other information has been issued.

Furthermore, it is also a cause of dissatisfaction that the functions of the PS5 itself were not disclosed except for those directly related to specific hardware such as processors. For example, the GPU is compatible with PS4 / PS4 Pro, and the processor itself is also provided with PS4 legacy mode and PS4 Pro legacy mode … etc., but I will talk more than that Is not …

Some rumors say that PS5 is compatible with games on all five PlayStation platforms [PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS4]Whispered, Mark Sirney didn't say a word. However, in this regard, Sony officials make no promises of compatibility with anything other than PS4, and it can be said that it is only "only as expected".

There was no mention of pricing or release date, but here is the same with Xbox Series X. This will not be disclosed until the last minute even in past game consoles, and much more this year, with the uncertainty of future production and consumption due to the spread of the new coronavirus, Sony and MS are exploring It seems to be.

MS is the specifications, design,Body design and controller, And new features, but it is unusual for a dedicated game console that will be released at the end of the year to be open so far as of March. The information warfare that puts pressure on Sony and PS5 may have already begun.


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