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Published a report on LINE usage trends. Group communication and use of LINE NEWS increased sharply due to new coronavirus infection


LINE has released a report on trends in the use of the LINE communication app, operated by the company, to see how the usage has changed due to remote work and self-control by corona viruses.

■ Active group communication. Increased use of group calls

Due to temporary school closures and remote work since March, as well as self-restraint, group communication on “LINE” has become rapidly active. Total number of messages exchanged in group communication (total number of texts, stamps and images sent) increased by 29% month-on-month, and in particular, the number of group calls increased by 62% month-on-month due to an increase in usage by all generations did.


■ The number of stamps sent and the number of video calls used increased sharply in teens

Since the temporary closure of schools, the use of teenage "LINE" has been greatly activated. In March, the number of stamp transmissions increased by 21% compared to the previous month, while that of teens increased by 65%, and the number of video call transmissions increased by 34% overall, but increased by 80% in teens .



■ Search for the latest news on “LINE”, know it, and share it via talk

In LINE NEWS, which contains the latest information on the new type of coronavirus infection, the trend of sharing news articles to LINE talks since the end of February has increased for all generations. On the day, there was 1.5 times the share of the previous day.

During the weekend of March (March 27-March 29), when refraining from going out was taken in various places, the use of LINE NEWS increased rapidly in all ages, and the number of PV in March was a record 14 billion. Became super. In addition, LINE NEWS attracted more than 71 million monthly active users in March. This figure is the highest ever.


■ More and more teens seek related information on LINE

Also, on March 25, when Tokyo was asked to refrain from going out, the number of searches for keywords including "new type pneumonia" and "corona" increased sharply. In the teens, the number of searches was 5 times the previous day, in the 20s, 4 times the previous day, and in the 30s and older, the number of searches was more than twice the number of the previous day. Searches for similar keywords have continued to increase since March 25. This suggests that awareness of the new coronavirus infectious disease has rapidly increased since the government's request to refrain from going out.

LINE's New Coronavirus Initiatives

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