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“ PUPPYOO T10 Pro '' Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Suction Power of 20,000pa, Sustainable and High Power-Engadget Japan Version

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Garbage collects every day and is hard to clean! A vacuum cleaner is indispensable to keep your surroundings clean.

However! With a normal vacuum cleaner, it is heavy and the cord gets stuck, making it difficult to clean.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are light and easy to handle, but lack power. I want to clean the whole house at once, but it's a bad thing to "interrupt due to battery" …

It was developed to solve the problem of "sucking power" and "sustainability" that the battery is reduced quickly because the suction power is strong, full of ease of use that can balance this long running & high power Cordless vacuum cleaner "PUPPYOO T10 Pro"!

Up to 56 minutes of operation time and 20,000 Pa of powerful suction power. Despite its high specs, it weighs only 1.53㎏. Longer running time, shorter charging time, affordable and just right. There is no inferiority to other products of the same industry, which are also lightweight and have strong suction power.

Water-washable filters, charging and storage 2in1 holder, easy care and storage. "PUPPYOO T10 Pro" has already acquired 52 patents based on its track record in practical design and exterior design.

High capacity 17,500mAh, high voltage 25.2V battery

In order to achieve long-term operation, a high-performance lithium battery made by Samsung is used.

The unique design of seven 2,500mAh batteries placed around the motor (* 1) enables continuous operation (* 2) for up to 56 minutes!

The usage time varies depending on the nozzle. Normally, it can be used for about 15 minutes even in the case of using the soft roller head in the powerful mode.

* 1 This unique design has a noise reduction effect, and can reduce the noise to 75dB even under strong mode operation. Patent application filed, application number: 201810299573.7

* 2 The longest operating time under full charge, initial battery, and attached suction port (gap nozzle, etc.) under our specified conditions. Depends on floor material, usage environment and usage conditions.

400㎡ (approx. 219 tatami mats) can be cleaned at once!

After full charge, if you set the standard mode (for continuous operation for 45 minutes), you can clean a room of 400 square meters (about 219 tatami mats) at a stretch. Double efficiency compared to conventional products!

If you live alone in a 1LDK room, you can clean the entire room in just a few minutes. One charge can clean many times a month, eliminating the hassle of recharging every time. Even if you are cleaning a large area such as a two-story house, you can use the PUPPYOO T10 Pro to control both the first and second floors without having to worry about running out of battery during cleaning.

* It may vary depending on the user's usage status from the measured value in the PUPPYOO test room.

Only 2.5 hours full charge, charge & storage 2in1!

Includes 2in1 holder for charging and storage. Simply remove the main unit and snap into the holder for easy charging. It takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge and 50% less time than the conventional model that takes 5 hours.

When not in use, you can store it leaning against the wall, saving space! Also, unlike wall-mounted storage brackets, it can be easily stored without making holes in the wall, so it solves problems when you do not want to make holes in the wall and it is difficult to use it in rental housing etc.

Equipped with Nidec brushless DC motor, realizes powerful suction force of 20000pa

Brushless DC motors consume less power than AC motors and offer many advantages over brushed motors, including energy savings, longer life, smaller size, lighter weight, and lower noise.

100,000rpm high-speed rotation, the most powerful 20,000pa suction force is realized. It can inhale various kinds of garbage, such as carpet dust, paper waste, hair and pet hair loss, quail shells, soybeans and coins that have penetrated deeply.

* Nidec (Nidec) currently has about 300 group companies around the world, and is the world's No.1 general motor manufacturer that handles everything from small to large, "turning and moving". is.

Air sucks dirt straight without changing direction!

In conventional vacuum cleaners, the cyclone and motor are arranged vertically, but the "PUPPYOO T10 Pro" is arranged in a straight line. With the linear arrangement, air can be sent directly from the cleaner head to the cyclone, further improving air flow and improving suction power.

Centrifuges garbage and air, discharges clean air

The dust and air sucked up by the cyclone system are centrifuged by wind power, and the dust is collected in a dust cup with strong absorption power.By filtering the filter, 99.97% of 0.3 μm small particles are caught firmly, and finally the clean air Discharge.

Equipped with a 0.6 L dust cup to collect plenty of house dust, there is no need to clean the dust cup frequently.

"High Power Soft Roller Head"

The brush itself has a built-in motor, and high-speed rotation enables efficient suction of dust.

The brush is made of high-density and soft material, which enhances the adhesion to the floor. It cleans garbage from large dust to small dust, and does not damage the floor. Ideal for delicate floors such as tatami mats!

Brush that suppresses the generation of static electricity, easy to clean

The unique anti-static structure makes it difficult to get tangled even when sucking hair or lint, making it easy to clean.

Futon cleaning brush ideal for futon cleaning

The anti-mite brush eliminates not only visible dandruff, but also allergic substances such as invisible mites and germs. More places to clean than ordinary vacuum cleaners.

The structure (*) allows you to move freely up and down 28 ° so that you can clean even the surface of the futon that is soft and difficult to clean.

* Utility model rights have been applied for: 201820482587.8

"2in1 combination nozzle" that can suck while sweeping

The 2in1 combination nozzle can suck in dust and dirt while sweeping it.

With the extension pipe, it can be made longer or shorter, so it can be widely used for cleaning uneven surfaces such as keyboards and air conditioners, and the convenience will expand depending on how you use it.

"Gap nozzles" that can reach narrow spaces

The gap nozzle is 26cm long. It is easy to clean gaps that cannot be easily reached with a large vacuum cleaner, such as wall corners, under a washing machine or refrigerator, and grooves in windows.

We change nozzle and clean every corner with one

Flooring and carpets, wall corners and gaps, keyboards and desks, curtains and ceilings, futons and sofas … Just switch nozzles, and one unit can handle a wide range.

Weight balanced design, easy to clean high places

Body weight is only 1.53kg. The ergonomic handle design and the center of gravity placed at hand make it easy for women to lift and easily reach even when cleaning high places such as air conditioners and screen doors. In addition, the power cord is unnecessary and the handling is good and it can be used casually.

LED light that does not miss garbage in dark places

Equipped with LED sensor lights on the floor head, it is easy to see bright and easy to clean even in dark and difficult-to-clean gaps such as sofas and floors, making it easy to clean without creating blind spots.

Easy STEP, remove the brush

What if the brush itself is dirty and you need to clean it?

Don't worry! The brush body can be easily removed and cleaned with a single push without relying on any tools. Compared to other products, there is no need to remove the brush cover, so there is no need to worry about losing small parts such as the brush cover.

Garbage disposal, care, effortlessly

Silicone material is used at the edge of the filter and cyclone unit to ensure sealing when cleaning, and the dust cup can be easily removed when disposing of garbage, so there is no need to worry about spilling out. Easily throw away trash without touching.

In addition, filter, cyclone unit, dust cup, all washable. It can be removed and washed when it gets dirty, so you can always keep it clean. (※ After washing, completely dry, please use it.)

Scratch-resistant, long-lasting beauty

Cheap ABS materials are often used for vacuum cleaners on the market, but "PUPPYOO T10 Pro" uses a sturdy, high-quality PC material. Compared with ABS material, PC material with high impact resistance has excellent transparency equivalent to glass and keeps a glossy and beautiful appearance.

Clean mirror finish with just a quick wipe

The “mirror finish” that gives off a beautiful luster has excellent transparency and creates a bright space. Polished enough to reflect your face, so its luster is just like a mirror. The surface is smooth and the feel is smooth. In addition, it has a strong water repellency, so if it gets stained with soy sauce, it can be cleaned just by wiping it quickly.

Depending on the assembly of the stick type, handy type and nozzle, it can be solved with a single unit, for home use, for vehicle use, for company use.

1. Soft roller head 2. Metal extension pipe 3. Body 4. Futon cleaning cleaner

5.2in1 combination nozzle 6.Clearance nozzle き 7.Charging / storage holder 8.Power adapter

■ January 2020 ■ Cloud funding started
■ March 2020 ■ Cloud funding end
■ May 2020 ■ Scheduled to ship in Japan

Q: I want to know the charging method.

A: You can charge by simply removing the main unit, attaching it to the included charging holder, and finally connecting to the power supply.

Q: How should I use the operation mode properly?

A: You can select the operation mode from the powerful mode and the standard mode according to the material and dirt on the floor. In the strong mode, the continuous driving time is short while the suction power is strong.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the main unit?

A: It takes about 2.5 hours.

Q: How big is the body size?

A: 260 mm x 210 mm x 1150 mm (with extension pipe and soft roller head).

Q: Warranty, returns and exchange

A: This product is backed by a one year warranty. If there is any initial failure or damage, we will exchange the product if you contact us within 7 days after arrival. Returned goods exchange is not performed in principle.

About the manufacturer

PUPPYOO was established in Beijing, China in 1999 and is a well-known company in the vacuum cleaner industry. Since its inception, it has been focusing on development and sales of home vacuum cleaners for 20 years, and now it is the No.1 brand of online mail order sales at major Chinese mail order websites such as Taobao and Keito for 6 consecutive years. Growing up.

In addition to China, we have overseas warehouses in North America, Japan, Europe, Russia and Australia, and provide high quality products to 86 cities overseas. To ensure the safety of our customers, we have obtained various world-standard safety certifications such as CE / GS / CB certification in Europe, PSE certification in Japan, ETL certification in USA, and SAA certification in Australia.

To date, PUPPYOO products have been granted 696 patents from China, Japan and the European Union, and have many cutting-edge technologies such as mute cleaning, multi-cone whirlwind, and non-consumable cleaning techniques. It has 188 awards, including the German IF Design Award.

"PUPPYOO T10 Pro" has already acquired 52 patents. Of these, 47 are Chinese patents and 5 are foreign patents.

Official site:

About the founder

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