Purchasing beverages empty-handedly: NEC, Daido Drinko and “Face recognition payment vending machine'' demonstration test

NEC announced on July 6 that it started a demonstration test of a "face authentication payment vending machine" that can be purchased at a vending machine by utilizing Dyedrinco and face authentication technology from July 3 did.

Approximately 3 months. The test sites are Daido Drinco's head office, Daido Pharmaceutical's Kanto factory, NEC head office, etc.

In the demonstration experiment, face authentication technology, which is the core technology of the company's bio-authentication "Bio-IDiom" [general term for biometric authentication of the company such as face, iris, fingerprint/palm print, finger vein, voice, and ear sound], was used. Users can register face images, credit card information, and passcodes in advance using terminals such as smartphones and tablets, and can easily and securely make payments by two-factor authentication of face and passcode at the time of purchase at a vending machine. It will be possible.

According to Dydo Drinco, Japan has introduced the face recognition payment service to vending machines for the first time in Japan, realizing a mechanism that allows customers to purchase beverages empty-handed. The company hopes that it will be possible to purchase beverages using the face authentication payment service, and to realize "convenience" and "comfortable environment" without having to carry around a wallet or smartphone in the office or factory.

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