Pyeongchang is a mass infection, Rio is Zika fever / Olympic and infectious disease

The threat of the new coronavirus hit the sports world. Due to the spread of pneumonia due to the infection, cancellations and postponements of the tournament scheduled by the 30th have been made one after another.

In addition, information on the "Tokyo Olympics canceled" fake information was distributed online. The Organizing Committee denied that this was not the case, but at one point it became a fuss to become a Twitter trend.

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◆ Olympic Games and Infectious Diseases 集 団 At the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018, guards were infected with norovirus as a group just before the opening. 1200 people were isolated and some athletes became infected. At the Rio de Janeiro Summer Games in 2004, there were many calls for postponing the event and changing the venue due to the Zika fever that was rampant in South America. A team of WHO experts recommended that pregnant women be refrained from traveling in May, but the event itself was not changed due to the low risk of transmission.

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