QB Net,the store human resources and domestic and international store openings in strengthening revenue 300 billion yen to the challenge

Cubic Network Holdings [the QB net], and 3 November announced net sales according to the Bulletin,the fiscal year-to-date [7~11 months]of domestic store sales in existing stores year-on-year 108. 3% new stores, including a whole 109. 5%, the strong performance to continue.

【Here】Oriental,improve customer satisfaction and human resources to strengthen,develop and promote growth to the challenge

This year 2 month from the domestic flagship of the QB House is 1,080 yen [including tax]from 1,200 yen for to 11. 1% of the price increase carried out by raising customer away is less, and the increase in sales contributed to the form.

In 1995, Quick Barber to the Internet mechanism to utilize a number of stores and cars,the QB Net Co., Ltd. founded as a. The following year, a short・priced haircut services,like hotel reservation system and provide the QB House 1 store,number of stores aimed at the domestic store opening began.

In 2002, the first overseas store opening in Singapore as a entry into. Since then, Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, and successively QB House’s global expansion began.

In 2011, without reservation,the low prices of the hair salon brand new”Fass”to open. In the same year, the store is more difficult to care facilities, hospitals, such as visits to the beauty salons start.

In 2012,a number of stores to support human resource development for the stylist to Tokyo opened,sequentially, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai and expanded. In 2016,a holding company transition, the cubic Network Holdings Co., Ltd. was.

Business model, we Refine the Human Resource Development world to leap trying to the QB Net movement of looking at this.

■The previous fiscal year[2019 Year 6 months fiscal period] and current prospects

Results for the previous fiscal year, revenue is 208 million yen [year-on-year 8. 2%increase], operating income of the previous year more than 3 billion yen, an increase of 20 billion yen [the same 20. 0%increase] was.

Operating income increased, the price went to 2 on the existing store sales year-on-year 109. 9%to record sales revenue and strong growth in net interest income of 6 billion yen on the other hand,labor cost center SG & A expenses of 3 billion yen was the result.

This fiscal year revenue to 22.3 billion yen [the same 7. 1% increase], operating income of 22 billion yen [the same 11. 7%increase] expects.

■Mid-term management plan[year 2020 6 months ended~in 2024 6-month period]by promotion strategy

In 2024 6-month period of sales revenue 300 billion yen [for the previous year 44. 2%increase], operating income of 33 billion yen [the same 65. 0%increase], aiming to cultivate domestic,overseas store openings to strengthen the strategies to promote.

1. Training base expansion: the future of domestic store openings human resources toward ensuring the existing schools 5 schools the expansion of Sapporo, Hiroshima, and the Tokyo Metropolitan area to the city of new in 5 years, 650 people who cut to the training of technicians to.

2. Domestic store openings and strengthening the new business expansion, sales revenue in 2019 175 billion from 2024 years to 24.5 billion yen in the company.
・QB House store number: 2019 and 554 store -> in 2024 670 shop
・New business[Fass and QB PREMIUM] expansion: 13 store -> 30 store

3. Overseas bases to expand sales revenues in 2019 of 3.3 billion yen from the year 2024 to 55 billion yen in the company.
・Singapore:36 store -> 40 shop
・Hong Kong:61 shop -> 80 stores
・Taiwan:27 store -> 50 stores
・American:3 Shop -> 15 store
・New region:0 -> 15 store

4. Improvement of service value: wait time eliminated,book,Cut Card,pre-payment towards the introduction of the app development and store investments.

10 minutes to 1,000 yen for the beauty industry to a new business model the challenge for more than 20 years in human resource development,business model to further Refine the domestic and world growth aims to QB Net movement of attention. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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