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QooCam 8K review, easy shooting of 360 degree work that shines with 8K-Engadget Japan version

Engadget Japan YouTube ChannelThan.

As the name implies, QooCam 8K is a VR camera capable of recording still images and videos in 8K, and is the first 360-degree VR camera for consumers.

If 8K resolution of professional equipment, which used to cost more than several hundred thousand yen, can be obtained for 67,100 yen [including tax], users who were not interested in 360-degree cameras until now will be worried. After being announced in Beijing in November, there was also an opportunity to see actual machines, such as exhibiting InterBEE and touch and try events in Japan. [/ embed]

However, despite the start of mass production of hardware, development of control software and PC / smartphone applications was delayed, making it difficult to ship.

The trial machine arrived at the end of 2019, but the main unit firmware and various applications were updated several times, and it was finally made available for review. It seems that it is starting to reach the buyers.

The body is equipped with a 2.4-inch touch screen, and various menus can be opened and set by swiping. The angle of view can be checked by rotating the 360-degree preview screen.

The built-in 64GB storage allows you to shoot as soon as it arrives. It also has a MicroSD card slot for external storage up to 256GB. We recommend high-speed UHS-3 to handle high resolution.

When started, the cooling fan rotates. This may be surprising at first with a loud sound, but it stops when shooting a movie, so there is no need to worry about noise.

8K image quality is beautiful!

Other companies' products are about 4K and 5.7K, so the resolution is clearly different. Still images are also compatible with DNG [RAW] recording in addition to JPEG, and color tone correction can be performed as desired with RAW development processing. If you shoot with DNG8, which records eight DNG data, you can shoot with higher resolution and less noise. The development process takes a bit of work, but it is the mode you want to use for business use or here.

8K video is 30fps. Camera shake revision works well and is stable. In 4K, high-speed shooting at 120 fps is also possible. However, the stitch app is still incomplete, and the joints are a bit of a concern when the scene moves violently. However, this example is a small space surrounded by linear objects, so it is quite difficult for a 360-degree camera review. It may not be a big problem for ordinary use.

"SmartClip" in the smartphone app is also interesting. Not only the examples but also the necessary equipment, shooting scenes, shooting methods, etc. are explained with videos, so anyone can easily shoot interesting videos that can shine on SNS.

You can shoot and edit immediately, or select and edit the material later. It's simple as a parameter, but it's a lot of trouble if you want to create it from scratch … It is a nice point for beginners that the tutorials are also easily comprehended in the app.

▲ 360 degree still image example uploaded to VR content service "VeeR"

The battery lasted for about 45 to 50 minutes, but the impression of using it is probably about that. Since it is not a battery exchange type, it seems better to prepare an external power supply such as a mobile battery. In addition, the latest firmware was distributed after the verification date, and the operating time was improved.

As was the case with the original QooCam, there were some parts where the software was unstable at the time of release. I feel that Chinese manufacturers have such a tendency. However, KANDAO frequently releases version updates, so I think it will become an interesting camera as you use it. That's where we want to expect the potential of hardware.

Because it is a small 8KVR camera, it can be used for business purposes as well as a consumer device. It will be especially useful for shooting in narrow spaces and diving with the underwater housing that has been announced as an accessory. [/ embed]▲ Example with 360 degree video


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