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QR code train ticket and Hanshin Electric Railway also go to demonstration experiment. Movement toward practical application accelerated-Engadget Japan version

Hanshin QR
Hanshin Electric Railway announced on January 23 that it is considering introducing a ticket using a QR code. From March to September 2020, demonstration tests will be conducted for the people involved in the company.

In this experiment, a QR code-type ticket is issued to a paper medium or smartphone, and the ticket is entered and exited by directly holding it over a 2D barcode reader attached to an IC ticket gate at some stations. About the mechanism of QR code format tickets and ticket gates The company registers information on the ticket in advance on the server and checks the ticket information with the information registered on the server when passing through the ticket gate It is explained that the validity of the ticket is determined.

According to a spokeswoman for the company, "Currently, maintenance costs for paper jams and ticket gates due to magnetic paper tickets have become issues, and we have been exploring alternative mechanisms." The aim is to reduce these problems by using a QR code that can be used regardless of the medium, such as paper or smartphone.

In this demonstration experiment, we plan to evaluate practicality, such as how quickly a QR code can be read by a ticket gate and how much information density can be increased. On the other hand, the specific introduction date has not been determined.

Train tickets and ticket gates using QR codes have already been adopted by limited operators such as Okinawa Monorail [Yui Rail],Part of JRAndOsaka MetroHowever, there is a growing trend toward practical use, such as installing a test.


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