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"QR corner mark" appears. Supporting the expansion of work from home-Engadget Japan version

Tetsufei Technology Co., Ltd., which develops and sells software, announced that it has devised an electronic seal "QR Kakuin," which is an alternative to the Kakuin widely used as a seal for Japanese business transactions.

This "QR square mark" is used by generating a seal imprint as an image file and embedding it in text creation software or a PDF file.

The embedded QR code is unique and is generated each time, and it is safe because there is no concern that it will be duplicated like an "electronic seal" in which the square mark is digitized.

Also, while the "electronic signature" can be operated only on electronic media, the "QR square mark" has the advantage that it can be printed on paper and sent by mail or fax.

It is assumed that the usage method is to call the "QR square mark" generation system from a book table creation system such as an invoice or quotation and output a form PDF file containing the generated "QR square mark" imprint. It is also possible to paste the generated "QR square mark" into a form created in Microsoft Office, print it out as a PDF, and operate it.

The features of the "QR square mark" explained by the company are as follows.

-Printing is possible with the same size as conventional square marks. There is no need to change the layout of conventional forms [invoices, quotations, etc.].

・ No two imprints are the same. Each time it is generated, a unique URL is generated based on the date and time and a random number, and embedded as a QR code in the center of the imprint.

-It is possible to operate with limited sealing authority. Access to the QR Square Mark Generation System is limited to users in limited departments and floors.

-A seal imprint can be inspected. By reading the QR code with the smartphone camera, you can access the stamp information web page operated by the person who stamps the QR square and refer to information such as the stamp date and time, order number, quotation number, etc. [If there is inconsistency or inconsistency in the reference information, the imprint image is suspected.]


It is said that even if remote work is spreading rapidly, the reality is that documents that are not stamped with will not be accepted by the business partners, and he has devised and developed the system to overcome this situation.


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