Qualcomm announces “Snapdragon 865”, 5G high-end smartphone in 2020

Qualcomm announced the new SoC "Snapdrgaon 865" for high-performance smartphones on December 3 (US time). Xiaomi and OPPO are planning to install it on the next high-end smartphone. Appearance is expected in the first half of 2020.

  • Qualcomm announces “Snapdragon 865”, 5G high-end smartphone in 2020

    Snapdrgaon 865

The Snapdrgaon 865 has improved AI performance and is said to have twice the computing power for AI processing compared to the conventional Snapdragon 855. For 5G, separate from the Snapdrgaon 865 SoC, a 5G modem "Snapdragon X55 5G Modem" chip is used.

  • Real Snapdrgaon 865 SoC

At the same time, "Snapdragon 765" and "Snapdragon 765G" were also announced as SoCs for smartphones with "high performance in the popularization zone". Most notable is the “one-chip” SoC that integrates the 5G model into the SoC. Equipped with AI engine of the same generation as the top 865, it also features high AI performance. The 765G is considered to be a game performance-enhanced version of the 765, probably with different GPU specs.

  • The Snapdragon 765 was successfully integrated into a single chip with an integrated 5G modem. Maximum communication speed is 3.7Gbps

In addition, this time, only an overview of these SoCs, such as when they appeared in the market and the transition to 5G, was announced, but there was no explanation for more detailed functions and performance. Qualcomm has been holding a technology conference today in Hawaii, USA, and details will be revealed in it.

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