Question 100% hospitality that the Masai warrior's answer to "What do vegetarian guests come to the Masai village?" / Masai News: No. 334

spa!The staple food is cereals and goat Masai warrior Luka. this time tooRequest boxI want to introduce a question that arrived at The questioner is an Odora who lives in Germany!

"[Omitted]What do you do if vegetarian guests come to the Maasai village? Also, maybe I don't think there are any vegetarians in the Maasai tribe."

Press. Let's answer. If a vegetarian visitor would come to Masai village and have to eat some food …

Go to town and buy vegetables.

There is only this.Because there are no vegetables in our village.Kimana TownIf you go to, you sell it, buy it and make something. I value hospitality.One goat shrunk when the goWhat?

By the way, there is no vegetarian Masai in my village. Even if it ’s not my village,There is no vegetarian MasaiI guess

By the way, I like vegetables. I sometimes eat it. When I go to Kimana, I buy it for my family. e? What kind of vegetables do you like?I like cabbage.It's fun, oreseri! Chusu!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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