Quick 20/3 quarter operating income of 13. 5% increase in the personnel services business is steady business expansion

*18:40JST quick—20/3 quarter operating income of 13. 5% increase in the personnel services business is steady business expansion
Quick<4318>15 days in 2020, and 3 months [19 years 4 months 20 years 3 months]consolidated financial results announced. Sales rose 9. 7%, an increase of 210. 35 billion yen,the operating income for the 13. An increase of 5% 29. 30 billion yen, ordinary income is the same 6. 8%, an increase of 30. 09 billion yen,and net income attributable to owners of the parent of the 5. An increase of 5% 20. 74 billion yen.

Human resources services business sales rose 14. 9%, an increase of 132. 17 billion yen, operating income of the 25. An increase of 4% 24. 87 billion yen. Recruitment is the focus of refinement and sales by strengthening selection and concentration initiatives have paid off, and the General company for professional and technical personnel recruitment performance is steadily expanded. Also, hospitals and nursing homes, etc. for nurses introduction,effective promotion and management of the content of the site extensive,fine-grained subscriber response, the clinic and the acquisition of new customers, etc., for the,steady. Search the latest & most exciting international jobs on the dispatch and subcontracting, etc., registrant earned for the effective promotion of such measures as a result,nurse staffing and nursery dispatch and stretched. Also, the part-time dispatch,the new corona virus due to the influence of the staff, the operation of the number of the downward trend in the employment situation is improving by the regular employees of recruitment and the full time Dispatch staff is difficult to secure, the number of working days and working hours of less part-time dispatch of leveraging companies to penetrate the highly specialized IT・ Web-related jobs and office work, etc., mainly for performance expanded.

The business sales rose 5. 7%, a decrease of 37. 34 billion yen, and operating income up 10. 1%, a decrease of 9. 01 billion yen. The graduate recruitment area is the initial internship sites advertising, handling, etc., favorable for. However, the 4th quarter into the new corona virus due to the impact of the joint corporate information sessions, etc. 3 on the handling of the event, but all were cancelled and as a result,net sales decreased. Also, the mid-career area of underhanded become more serious against the background of the previous fiscal year, and officially started Indeed of handling is significantly expanded, the new coronavirus on the impact of involving clients in the recruitment of interruption, postponement, etc., along with the permanent employee and a member of a job handling the end of the fiscal year, the deceleration trend was. Incidentally, dispatch Register, staff recruitment for some of the media about in 2018, 12 months contract forms Agency forms from sales agents form changes,handling fees, only sales recorded a year-on-year comparison net sales decrease in accounts payable cost of advertising expenses, minus net interest margin has steadily expanded.

Information publishing business sales compared with the same period last year. 5. 7%, an increase of 20. 93 billion yen, and operating income up 10. 4%, an increase of 1. 96 billion yen. Living Magazine and Homes Magazine”home-based”navigation of the results unchanged from the previous survey. By 2019 3 months ended in the second half was Indeed the handling of a labor shortage accompanying the hiring needs against the background of steady. Also, inserts, etc., of service sales were robust, the new corona virus due to the impact of 3 months from the performance is slowing trend was. On the other hand,”chocolate color.” Brands Concierge service,jobs・home-based・Bridal all areas of its business performance remained robust.

Other net sales increased 14. 9%, an increase of 19. 90 billion yen,operating income up 18. 5%to 1. 79 billion yen. IT・Internet related business,personnel and labor portal site”Japan’s Personnel Department”of the advertising revenue is steady. Also, a subsidiary of Kronos, the system development and AI-related training of sales due to sales expansion. Overseas business in North and Central America [USA and Mexico], and recruitment is steady. In the United States staffing is at the end of the year performance is increasing, but job seekers part time-oriented higher than the previous year performance in May. Asia [China・Vietnam], the local Japanese companies to the Japanese and Vietnamese recruitment consulting well. Also, China Shanghai recruiting to expand the Shanghai quick Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. was newly established. UK,UK domestic companies in the recruitment in addition to the UK from the European companies on the subject of finding a job to support international recruitment is expanding steadily.

In 2021 3 Months Ended Consolidated business results for the fiscal year, the new coronavirus affected by the rational calculation that it is difficult at this moment undecided as to. In the future, the new corona virus trends, while assessing the reasonable forecasts of the calculation is available, we will promptly disclose that. 《SF》

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