Rainaf's smart smart confirmation option service allows you to receive property confirmation even at home

On April 9th, Rinafu will launch a service called “Smart Smart Report” that automates property confirmation with AI, and “Smart Smart Report / Remote Work Option” [Remote Work Option], which will be able to receive phone calls for checking properties even at home. Announced. As a support measure for the new coronavirus infection, the company will be able to receive calls from the office on PCs.

"Smart Physics / Remote Work Option"

"Smart Physics / Remote Work Option"

Remote Work Option is an optional service that allows you to receive a property confirmation call from a single PC regardless of location. In the case of regular Smart Check, an automatic response is used to provide a primary response to the property confirmation. For inquiries outside the range of the automatic response, a call is forwarded directly to the property management company and the person in charge responds, but the optional service is used. Then, inquiries outside the automatic response range can be received from the PC browser.

Up to 10 people who can receive power can be set, and if there is an environment that can connect to a PC and the Internet, it will be possible to make telephone calls regardless of location.

AlreadyReceptionHas been started, and through online interviews, we will hear requests and guide us on the best plan. For applications by the end of May, the initial cost of optional services and the monthly service fee will be provided free of charge.

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