Rakugo "Tenma Tenjin Hanshotei" canceled morning and noon seats from 3rd

Tenma Tenjin Hanshotei, which opened in Kita-ku, Osaka for the first time after the war as a regular seat for rakugo, canceled morning and lunch seats hosted by the Kamigaku Rakugo Association from March 3 to prevent the spread of new coronavirus sensibilities. I announced that.

The lunchtime seats are currently canceled from 3rd to 15th, such as “Tuesday morning seats” on the 3rd and 10th, and “Otsuya Yoseki [13th]” on Friday nights.

In addition to the daytime seats, the theater often performs morning and night seats as rental performances. "The morning and night seats [of the rental building] are determined at any time in consultation with the organizer. I will do it. "

Some night seats have been canceled so far.

At the theater, on February 27, when self-restraint of the event, cancellation of the performance or postponement spread, the disinfection of fingers, the disinfection of the door handle, etc., worked on measures to prevent sensibility, the daytime seats etc. were regular performances. .

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