Rakuten, 8 years after the final deficit to 19 years 12 months shipping reduction is planned, implemented

Rakuten is 13, the 2019 year 12 months ended consolidated financial results announced domestic EC of the total distribution and the card member by the expansion of sales year on year 14. 7%to 1 trillion 2,639 billion yen and consolidated operating income up 57. 3%, a decrease of 727 million yen, and Net Profit of 318 billion yen loss,8-year deficits in earnings and was.

【Here】Free Shipping activated for shaking Rakuten, the FTC has an on-site inspection

Operating income significantly decreased, mainly in the domestic EC of the logistics business and the mobile business in the upfront, but the bulk just as. Net loss, mainly due to investment in rice lift the company’s impairment loss. In addition, the company’s 三木谷浩史 Chairman and President on the same day of the press conference, the online shopping sites shipping free to the new system, the planned implementation of the idea showed.

The deficit of financial results, mainly due to the investment in rice lift the company’s corporate value resulting from the decline in impairment loss 1,028 billion yen was posted in,this is the 3rd quarterly earnings has already been recorded, and the timing of timely disclosure had been made.

On the other hand, operating income of the significant fall in fiscal first published in the company’s disclosure materials, according to the domestic e-Commerce logistics business and the mobile business, base station, etc. of the upfront and the upfront cost of.

Other,Rakuten Pay a larger share for the cost and the brokerage fees in the fall, etc. to depress profits for. Existing business in Rakuten market and travel, etc. earning profits from communication, logistics and overseas, such as in the field of business to expand the company’s strategy to reflect the results of that.

三木谷 the President at the press conference, the results concerning the content of the description from the Rakuten market in 3,980 yen [tax included]or more shopping to users, in some regions except shipping free to the new system on Schedule 3 on 18 the date of that announcement.

Shipping of free about the company to the seller for dominant position abuse the unilateral change to the agreement was requested from the suspicion, the FTC has antitrust of suspicion tests were conducted. Some retailers and shipping bear grievances against a higher Committee, to the investigation for the circumstances.

Rakuten, the”Free Shipping”expressions”shipping”was changed to this by implementing measures to withdraw the seller, the economical compensation also do announced. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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