Rakuten and the king,of the auto shipping successful experiment in Iwate Prefecture the first time

Automatic flight of the drone, using the sparsely populated areas in the Luggage delivery business promoting Iwate Prefecture and the King[Kitakyushu city, Tobata-Ku,], Rakuten[Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku]is 27, The its Japan is by visual inspection without assistance of automatic flight validation testing was successful and announced. County and the United States, Rakuten in the future,shopping for the difficult person to support the service of practical aims.

【Here】Rakuten and Seiyu,isolated Islands drone delivery service to 7 on 4 days starting from the first domestic

Iwate Prefecture is shopping for the difficult person’s problem-solving toward a business proposal to a public offering, and the King, adopted a proposal. The County and the Japan,United States, Rakuten is a joint mobile communication network, using the automatic delivery of the commercialization on working.

Japan is the Kitakami Mountains located in the East of Honshu is the most area of the wide city but in many areas the forests in the plains is low. Therefore, depopulation and aging population settlements are scattered, and shopping for the difficult person is 40% of the population beyond that. Also, in 2016 the Typhoon, but suffered major damage in the isolated settlements that came out.

Because of this, the province has automated delivery drones,shopping for the difficult person’s support of disaster victims, to assist that.

In the experiments used for drones,Rakuten has developed multi-types of logistics drone”in the sky”. Width of about 117 cm and a height of about 65 cm and weighs about 7 kg. The controller in operation is not necessary, and a flight route is set, the mobile communication network by using Autonomous flight.

Also, the king is 3-dimensional on the map of the drone’s flight planned route and the actual flight route display system that can be developed. Flight route settings for the appropriateness or safety in flight, such as about validation.

In this experiment, local specialty food items such as,about 5 km away to the point of delivery. Visual AIDS, such as the right to receive, and safely deliver the Luggage able.

Experimental results of the Prefecture, municipalities and trade associations, universities, Telecom operators from the”I have a drone logistics study group”validation and practical implementation challenges to resolve in the plan.

The province is”moving forward, the drone logistics, and commercial services as to establish,orders of mechanisms and operational system, comprehensive system construction advance,”says new.

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