Rakuten announced the phone price of the price breakdown! (Top) the rate plan is”discount”of only 1

4 month 8 days to start Rakuten’s mobile phone service plan,3 days to published.

【Here】Rakuten Free Shipping reduction issues the FTC is the emergency stop instruction to the complaint

The preceding 3 big career and the biggest difference is the areas you prefer or hotels nearest to tourist attractions you plan to”Rakuten UN-LIMIT”of only one thing that would. Choice to worry about about cheap as. Rakuten’s own network as long as you use,monthly 2980 yen at the data usage limit without having to worry about available. However, the constraint is there. Rakuten’s own base station network to improve the Tokyo Metropolitan area, Chubu, and Kinki in the use of limited to this.

Day by day,of the archipelago from the Northern tip to the southern tip to run or have business use for this and no doubt, it is such a hard worker if your monthly charges, regardless that not just. Tokyo・Nagoya・Osaka resident for the majority of users is good news. More than anything the area is the driving force of Japan’s economy and corporate management of the Foundation spread,many business people and their families living Japanese economy and the lifeblood of that region.

Rakuten is at the same time, to announce to your subscribers, 300 thousand, subject to the device fee or the administration fee,option fees, and charges except the monthly rental 2980 yen,1 year free and that started the campaign. The number of subscribers is the deadline with the timing of the”just”that, and somewhat elastically caught by. Particularly on a first-come, first-served basis and displayed is not arbitrary to target selection that will seem pointless, the real first treat would become.

During a phone call Rakuten’s”Rakuten Link”via, the unlimited domestic voice calls,SNS also can use in 66 countries and from overseas to domestic voice calls for free with.

Rakuten Link if you do not use the 3 big career equivalent of pay-as-you-go 30 seconds per 20 yen,contract number SNS to send and receive is 70 characters per 3 yen will be charged an international call if the country or region, different rates apply for overseas in the incoming response is not possible.

“Rakuten Link”via the MNO to the service activation and administration fee equivalent to 3,300 yen worth of Rakuten points is reduced, 20 years 6 months 30 day period online, in the MNO service apply for a 3000 yen worth of Rakuten points will be granted to a campaign performed in parallel. Practically no administration fee is also free and thought would be nice.

Users from domestic to overseas or from overseas to overseas voice calls when using the”International Unlimited”with a paid option, the monthly fee of 980 yen is provided.

Especially international calls hanging plan, unless certain promises are clear and practically Rakuten access-enabled smartphone to assist in this campaign can participate. But the optimism provided by our line of compatible handsets are all SIM lock free,the minimum period of use of the tied and the contract cancellation fee has not been set for devices purchased in other companies to transfer the risks that most not.

Rakuten’s own base station to improve the Tokyo・Nagoya・Osaka areas outside of the current between the KDDI communication equipment to borrow [roaming] the service is provided. This for KDDI communication equipment to borrow”partner area”in the monthly available data capacity is up to 2GB and to. If the limit is exceeded per second 128Kbps speed is limited to 1GB per 500 yen to add up to it is possible.

Rakuten KDDI to pay for roaming charges is 1GB per about 500 yen is seen as a user of overuse by Rakuten to break-even to occur that do not. [Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at]

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