Rakuten free shipping, March 18 start "no change"-even after receiving the FTC "emergency stop order"

Fair Trade Commission on February 28, measures for free shipping of Rakuten IchibaAppealed emergency stop order to Tokyo District CourtMeanwhile, Rakuten announced on the same day that free shipping will be implemented on March 18 as previously planned.

This measure is called “Common postage-included line measure” that provides free shipping when you order over 3980 yen at Rakuten Ichiba. Protesters were saying that “abuse of dominant position” was caused by Rakuten Union, which is made up of shoppers, because the cost of shipping was borne by the shoppers. The Fair Trade Commission also conducted an on-site inspection on February 10. An allegation of a violation of Article 19 of the Antitrust Law [Article 2, Paragraph 9, Item 5] of the Antitrust Law was filed on March 28, which led to a petition for an emergency stop order.

While commenting on Rakuten, "We will take the fact that we have received the petition for an emergency stop order solemnly and sincerely and respond appropriately to court procedures," but said, "We believe that there are no legal issues with this measure. There ". We will fully cooperate with the Fair Trade Commission investigations to gain an understanding. The Rakuten Public Relations Department also explains that free shipping is "measures that are considered from various perspectives and comply with laws and regulations."

In addition, special measures have been implemented to refund the store opening fee on a daily basis for stores that are considering opening stores under this measure. In addition, the company is introducing new support measures to the store as a safety net, eliminating concerns about sales and profits.

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