Rakuten has laid out the”Free Shipping”,”shipping”, change the FTC will be convinced of it?

Rakuten Chairman and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani, the company’s online shopping site”Rakuten market”, 3980 yen or more products of the customers who purchased the shipping free [some regions excluded], and 19 years 8 months 1 days expressed. Rakuten’s enthusiasm 三木谷 the President”no matter what success you want. Stores growth if the government, the FTC and The confront and also to carry out”and say this is also obvious.

【Here】Rakuten, 8 years after the final deficit to 19 years 12 months shipping reduction is planned, implemented

Motivation is mail order competing in the Amazon to combat that. Amazon’s shipping system and even all free unified it is a paid Prime membership for free shipping, you can choose the products more often. General users of the cases, the shipping destination by shipping is a flat 400 yen or. Shipping cost entire feeling of optimism than a simple impression is undeniable.

Rakuten is the”3980 yen or more items for free shipping”and show that regardless of the was said, the delivery services to external contractors to be more than someone shipping rates bear no…….. From the beginning, Rakuten’s real intention is”product price delivery charge added pricing, not included in”free freight”display and the integrity of the problem is not that”was.

Individual stores suppliers,each product price shipping charges by adding the total amount,new price, and if the dispute that was not, and is 三木谷 President of think.

The problem is to send a message to the extent that is 5 million more than the exhibition companies of the understanding you can consolidate your. Sign exhibit carrier’s, and now of Rakuten market and trading in the belly”ax to grind”having a contractor I know.

Shipping free Rakuten’s policies, but some of the exhibiting companies moving the Fair Trade Commission[FTC], the antitrust violation investigation asked for.

Rakuten is shipping to practically exhibited to the contractor the burden to this policy,relevant laws and regulations do not violate the whether to 19 years 12 month FTC to consult,”antitrust law violations”and the answers received. It is often to figure, was the Commission’s systems to receive and the policies transformed.

“Pre-consultation”no”and the answer was,why I that?” Would any of the Commission reversing impression, the equivalent would be bad. Of the government, the FTC and against,only to be violation of antitrust laws branded case,Rakuten recovery difficult damage there was.

5 million of consignment suppliers which boasts the”Rakuten market”, the abuse of superior bargaining position to the commandments of antitrust laws on the”superior bargaining position”to, there is no doubt about that. The problem is Rakuten is how to display”shipping included”and that this change in policy, the FTC is how to receive that.

Soon, the”shipping”of the system is to start 3 months 18 days arrival. Too imminent, when judgment is deferred, the unexpected occurrence of trouble is also a concern. Optimism for the future of the heavy decision of how to of the day of judgment is near. [Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at]

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