Rakuten Ichiba”free shipping”for exhibitors within the breast

2 on 13 November,Rakuten is before the 12 month period financial results announced. 8 years 318 billion yen for the”final loss”was. “Lift[rice dispatch service]of the stock price due to a fall in extraordinary losses is recorded”, and”mobile phone business, profitability of worsening”is the main factor.

【Here】Rakuten has laid out the”Free Shipping”,”shipping”, change the FTC will be convinced of it?

Results regarding the content of each media is more to tell in space. But a financial results briefing in Japan at Rakuten 三木谷浩史 CEO reiterated,”Internet shopping:Rakuten Market Shop Price [3980 yen or more]are shipping to”with the introduction of a mechanism to stressed. “The exhibition store sales of at least 10%elongation,”and that the FTC confrontation with the US as rumors in a”bullish posture”, was unveiled to the media and public.

Rakuten[Mikitani]of the”bullish”background briefing also revealed”for 10 years in 2000 billion of funds,its own logistics network of the service devoted to”may think.

At the end of the previous fiscal year Rakuten of property, plant and equipment is the mobile phone business to advance, there is 18 years 12 months compared to 4. 1 times[3764 billion] bulging. Our logistics network development in order to fulfill the asset decrease in efficiency is what is anything you must avoid it. For that is a”bullish posture”Pierce,2000 billion investment only sales secured or not.

Also the mobile phone business of the stall is not permitted. Mikitani of speculation on the street thing, but proceed to determine whether the passage of time to wait.

The circumstances under interesting fact met. Rakuten is 1 month 28 days”Rakuten shop case・2019″ceremony was performed. It is how to tell the”EC Amateur”to Editors, free shipping measures against exhibitors of the reaction heard.

At the award ceremony for the winning total of 173 stores out of the 127 from the store”pros and cons”of interviews, and heard from you. Valid responses number 123 out of the shop,”favor:30.9%””opposite:22.0%””from:47.1%”yet. Specifically,any response that comes back from.

*Favor Assembly:”our customers buy and. Originally, Free Shipping for many products, the impact is not”. “Last year, 11 months, from the shipping line 3980 yen for more. Results Buy 1 People 2 together to buy, such as customer price went up”. “Basically agree, but Hokkaido under the unified don’t know”.

*Opposite pairs:”Frank to say,and I don’t want. The cost increases in a full review is required”. “Individual store inside of the situation without knowing the uniform for in the way of opposition. Interference in the internal Affairs of too I think”.

Rakuten market exhibitors is 5 million persons[companies] to count. Physical fitness there is a difference in that. “Shipping⇔selling price pass-through”of concern remain. At least, the EC in entering into a new business seeking for business opportunities to entrepreneurs of the foot have to have. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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