Rakuten Mobile Launches New Color "Crimson Red" for "Rakuten Mini"

Rakuten Mobile will sell eSIM-compatible smartphones on April 17th.Rakuten Mini", A new color of Crimson Red has been added. The price is 19,819 yen [excluding tax] in case of single payment.

  • Crimson Red, the new color of "Rakuten Mini"

    Crimson Red, the new color of "Rakuten Mini"

Rakuten Mini is the world's smallest smartphone with mobile FeliCa. It will be available in 3 colors in addition to 2 colors of night black and cool white.

In addition to purchasing the terminal alone, you can also purchase it with a set contract with the unlimited plan “ Rakuten UN-LIMIT '' offered by the company for a monthly fee of 2,980 yen, and if you have a set contract you can earn 5,000 Rakuten points “ Rakuten Mini purchase support Eligible for "Campaign".

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