Ran Ito "Sue, thank Miki" sings Candies song

Former Candy's member Ran Ito [65] performed the first day of Tokyo at the concert tour "My Bouquet & My Dear Candies!" At Shinjuku Bunka Center.

His solo debut album “My Bouquet” was released last May, and a solo concert was held in Tokyo and Osaka the following June, and music activities resumed for the first time in 41 years since the Candies dissolution concert. This tour was realized due to the popularity of solo concerts. "Some of myself have been able to tour again in less than a year and haven't kept up with the speed of development, but once decided, I'll sing as much as I can to have the most enjoyable time."

At the request of Ito, the stage was set up in the image of a New York warehouse. The staff said, "It's okay to use" Densenman Ondo "at Chabudai." It was revealed that the popular variety program "Migoro! "That was fun, but I can't cross that line," laughed.

The first half of the concert consists of songs from the album released last May, such as "Wink @ Wink". In the latter half, he sang mainly about songs from the Candies era, such as "Younger boys" and "smiles." Fans shouted, "Ran-chan!" "Spring first" was the most exciting. "I had troubles and conflicts at the time, but now I only have happy memories. I really want to thank my important friends Sue and Miki." .

He performed 22 songs in about 2 hours and attracted 1,800 fans. The tour will start around Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kagawa, Sapporo and Sendai from today, and will return to Tokyo on April 16 for the final.

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