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Randy Sousse, creator of the Internet bulletin board, dies. Kyoen 74-Engadget Japan Version

Until the widespread use of the Internet, which can be used anytime and anywhere like today, electronic bulletin boards were usually used by dialing up a specific telephone number using an analog modem from a personal computer. It later evolved into a live chat, binary file exchange function, personal computer communication service with increased functions such as simple multiplayer games, and so on.

Furthermore, during the period of internet penetration, BBS has been used as a tool for writing comments on personal websites for a while, and for visitors to leave some footprints. In addition, a huge bulletin board site that collects a myriad of bulletin boards according to themes, represented by 2 channels, appeared, and the anecdotes in it caused social phenomena that turned into a movie.

Currently, SNS such as Twitter is the mainstream service where countless people can share their thoughts and opinions as they like, but BBS can be said to be the original service.

Although humans do not communicate well because they convert each thought into a string and the problem that burns has been going on since the early days of BBS, if Mr. Sousse did not create an electronic bulletin board, computer The culture of communication, the Internet, and SNS may not have been brewed as richly as now.

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