Rare RS Watanabe 4 spokes are worn | Kurosame Shokai N Coro 3 Star Vol.3 | "N600 Full US Specification" Honda N360 Custom

The wheel that decorates your feet is a rare four-spoke RS Watanabe that you can't miss. In addition, the headlights, mirrors, and Moon-made vent reflectors attached to the triangular windows are perfect for the image.

Regarding the interior, the seat and lining have been replaced with red, but the genuine atmosphere is kept. The mono air purifier, high mount stop lamps, and lace curtains that were placed on the rear tray gave a good taste.

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"I like the appearance of the N600 specification. It's a 360cc 3-speed AT, but it runs well." For the time being, it seems like it would be fun to join an old car event near Fukuoka with friends from the Kurosame Shokai.

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