Rare Yongo with less than 300 units and one-piece grill 70 year Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R 1

The 4-door PGC10 Skyline GT-R emits a unique aura in a bold style that can be called the original Hakosuka. Despite the appearance in February 1969, the production was said to be only 832 units due to the switch to the 2-door hardtop KPGC10 in October 1970. Of these, the rare one is the 1970 model called “Yongo”. The debut was at the time of a minor change in October 1969, and the production volume was just under 300 units. Even with the same PGC10, there are differences in the design between the early 69 model and the 70 model after the minor change.

For example, a front grill. The 69-year model was divided into three parts with left and right headlights and a grill, but the 70-year model was changed to an integrated one-piece type. For the rear garnish, the matte paint was replaced by an embossing plate [irregular plate] with leather squeezing in the 70's. The side markers and tail lamps on the front fenders are made of polypropylene, and the fender mirrors are changed to a matte black finish with anti-glare treatment.

As for the interior, in addition to the change of steering from wood to genuine leather, the details of the ashtray shape, washer switch, and other minor details are varied.

The passenger seat is a genuine bucket seat, and the driver seat is equipped with a Datsun competition seat.

The fuel tank installed in the trunk is a large-capacity type of 100mm only for GT-R. The right side is equipped with an electromagnetic fuel pump and filter.

The 70's had a black blow-by holder and the gas was open to the atmosphere.

The muffler has been replaced with an all-stainless steel one, giving an R-like exhaust sound.

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