Rate Outlook 6 May 25 issue of the optimistic color of rising prices,and unfavorable also begin to see from this box to the market transition is clear?

■I. The U.S. stock market

●1. Rice down to 6/24 to▲710 dollars and rush week,the new Corona re-expansion concerns such as

1] economic prospects worsen, the risk of movement is dominant.

【Previous】Rate Outlook 6 May 23 issue of the stock Ticker change the flow of a”current rip signs”for? Volatility began to rise, it’s the danger of swells. 8 around Note?

2] the United States=Europe, US = China between trade talks stuck,the risks.

3] the United States is no threshold and the European Union[EU], the UK added to the tariff study [31 billion US dollars equivalent to 100%]and alerts.
⇒ This summer to extensive U.S. and European trade war to develop and it also.

4] on the other hand, the EU is the U.S. travel ban to consider.

5] U.S. New York state, including the U.S. Eastern 3 provinces,new Corona spread from the region of inflow to self-quarantine mandatory. Now it is the Eastern 3-state the situation is markedly improved on the other hand, Arizona, California, Texas at a record pace the new number of infected people has increased.

6] the European stock market at 6 month 24 days to control infection and re-expansion of concern,significant decliners.
⇒ Frankfurt▲3.4%cheap London,▲3.1%cheap Paris▲2.9%cheap.

7] stock prices are the economy’s early recovery incorporated continues to rise, a corona of infection, re-expand by that scenario is crumbling, concern that came out. This destination is difficult to read, because the unstable price movements can be expected to continue as the voice of there.

●2. 6 on 4 the date of approval rating is 39%,a meager 57%

1] over the past few weeks is the support and non-support rate is the antagonist, but a meager significantly outperformed.

2] support rate reduction factor.
[1] a new coronavirus spread of infection and prevent the failure of the
[2] black men policeman to death・racism demonstration in response to an army, use crush instructions
[3] Bolton Mr. 暴露本 publication the impact of

3] rice, NY Times paper according to the poll, the Democratic candidate for Biden to Mr. of the support is 50%, his 36% of the Leave and reported. Biden Mr. Trump on women voters in 22 points male 3 points, independent voters in the 21-point lead to watch it.

●3. The International Monetary Fund [IMF] 6/24,2020 World Economic Outlook▲4.9%[last 4 months▲3.0%]to be lowered

1] the new corona virus infection with the expansion of the countries of the economic loss is more than expected serious, and recovery is also sluggish to analysis.

2] the world economy of the Lehman shock there was the financial crisis of 2009▲0.1%beyond depressed, and the 1930s of the Great Depression on the scale of the recession that.

3] new corona virus infection along with the expansion of the economy corresponds to each country’s fiscal stimulus, the total 11 trillion dollars [about 1,180 trillion yen], nearly as revealed.

4] in 2020 the economic growth of the force, developed countries▲8.0%,emerging and developing countries is▲3.0%and total crumbling, and the World Trade Volume Also year-on-year▲11.9%to a depressed Outlook.

5] as mentioned above,the world of the pandemic spread by the session further worsened the prognosis.

Subsequently, the”Chinese stock market””Japanese stock market”analysis,”featured stocks”to

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