Rather, it looks good on Instagram! What a fried rice of Sapporo Sumire is here with rice balls! #Seven-Eleven | AppBank

Seven-ElevenThe new product "Special fried rice Omusubi supervised by Sapporo Sumire" is now on sale! /> Sapporo Sumire's fried rice, which is known as a famous store for miso ramen, has become a rice ball that is easy to eat with one hand, so I gave a real meal report! ‥

The first impression is red ginger! ‥

At the 7-Eleven Onigiri corner, we found a new product that stands out with its bright red color! Somehow the amount of red ginger in the middle isn't great! ‥
The violet fried rice in Sapporo is also sold as frozen food at Seven Premium, so I think many people have tried it. ‥
It's nice to be able to eat rice more easily♪

Warm up and double the taste♪

The package said "Warm and delicious", so I tried chinking for 30 seconds in the microwave! Then the scent of stir-fried fried rice will float♪
The center of the rice ball is round and dented, and there is plenty of red ginger on it. It is a rice ball that looks like Instagram. ‥

It's thick and delicious! ‥

Puffed and large roasted eggs look delicious ♪ Then I'll have a bite, Paku! ‥
Ummer! I am surprised that it is not oily at all and it is fried rice cooked in a frying pan.
The seasoning is quite rich, and the flavor of char siu is familiar to the whole rice, so it's a horse! The taste is crisp and crisp red ginger, so the taste is just right♪

I am happy with the large char siu ♪

This rice ball has an outstanding presence of char siu! The square-shaped char siu as shown in the photo is rumbling.
It tastes good, and every time you chew it, the meat tastes great and the taste is rich, so it's very delicious! ‥
Each grain of rice is slightly coated with oil and it is fluffy and glossy♪

I'm happy that you can easily eat fried rice from a ramen restaurant at home. You can buy such a full-fledged rice ball for 151 yen at a cospa! ‥
Sapporo Sumire is supervised, so this rice ball should taste even better if you eat it with ramen.
I would definitely recommend it to people who like fried rice and those who are surprised at the deliciousness of violet frozen fried rice sold at Seven♪

It was an introduction of "Special fried rice rice ball supervised by Sapporo Sumire" newly released from Seven-Eleven! The juicy char siu is the decisive fried rice rice ball and the quality is very satisfying ♪
Store: Seven-Eleven
Menu: Special fried rice rice ball supervised by Sapporo Sumire
Price: 140 yen (151 yen including tax)
Official site:Special fried rice rice ball supervised by Sapporo Sumire

(Sentence/Photograph ☆IZUMINT☆)
(Edit: Kako)

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