Real estate assets by forming a”investment business”

I 2018 Years 11 months 13 days No. from the University of Finance and Economics of the newspaper market in the field 5 times, the”equity investment is different from gambling as such is not a”series had the opportunity to. Japan broadcast on short wave, medium wave since joining half a century to hear what many of the equity investments of the”successes””failures”from your Leading should be”Theory”to expand for more.

【Here】Equity investment is different from gambling as such is not (1)

In that sense recently, an interesting book 1, met. “Lifelong active earn”sub-title””salaried landlord”primer”entitled to be President, published by books in. But to be honest, at the bookstore, the cover was decorated with the author(Nagai Yukari Mr)picture of attracted to took(my daughter and the same age I thought all that).

Read. A horrendous number of”successes””failures”to corroborate and Nagai Mr.”should be discussed”in there is written. And I 240P from 241P of the eye,the description caught our eye.

“This book is consistently the real estate assets by forming, about the”investment”rather than”business”tell you. But the majority of people are”annuity alternative”, or real estate salesperson’s typical sales”income tax break”as a start,confused yet.

It is typical of the area apartment investment would. Indicator condominium investment is 1000 million yen to 2,000 million yen that you can purchase many of the loans are also susceptible.

Own funds at zero to begin with,the tenants under the rent only or repayment from any of your Deposit from filling a case where you need to stand out. Properties, depending on the amount of the monthly 5000~1 million yen,the compensation amount of the”pension insurance premium think”and sales from the description received, the loan paid off after the rent income is all your stuff, the monthly 5000~1 million yen after 35 years is 1000 million yen or more real estate enters the hand and wonder just.

But calmly think about the most. First, the tenants even if its own funds to continue it or not, and no period either. Tokyo rent at 7 million to 8 million units of the property you bought, and the rent from cost-sharing to do.

However, category apartment dealerships present the surface yields, and the rent reduction is taken into account, the loan is 35 years, working for and between how much rent is down to me? Basically, real estate is years old and the rent is lower, the monthly repayment amount is reduced that is not. Far from IT, depreciation and amortization, reducing principal amount of percentage increase, the tax increase only.

The surface yields to the restoration costs are also not included. Article 9 of”amendments to the Civil Code”of the as explained in the tenants damage or failure other than the restoration cost of the landlord to pay. Restoration cost is usually the rent of 1-3 months minutes”(source also).

The author of a history column in the monthly magazine”The Landlord and the landlord”editor-in-chief and know. Salaried the landlord with a view to putting to the reader,”is how the success of implementing it”in order to know the right hands to have Book 1 you. (Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at)

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