Real estate Share responsible for the new company appeared

The space market. 12 last year, on May 20, listed on the TSE Mothers market for. Pre-IPO stock price prediction is never was not high[520 yen to 590 yen]. At the time of listing of the public offering price is 590 yen.

【Here】Corporate share office expansion

“Small born to try”and, I also high to enclose all…… Listed the previous 2 periods”loss・final deficit was”the most, but think that was the factor. The actual opening is 1306 yen. The public offering price 2 times more than in Born.

Unknown ashamed about,for all concerned. The business model is”[real estate]space,lent the side and the rent side, matching the platform”of the operation. In 2014 1 August, the current President of Shigematsu Daisuke is the Foundation for that.

At the time of publication of the published number of spaces, approximately 1 million of 2000. Results for Daiwa Securities and the Depositary institution, the teachings begging for. For example, the IT industry concentration and its presence is growing from JR Yamanote Line”Gotanda”station in the area,no results could be confirmed.

★West area: last year 8 at the Tokyo building and a business partnership,a 12-storey building [FUNDES Gotanda] of”TIME-SHARING Gotanda II”engaged in the.

★East Area: East Exit 6-minute walk from your individual owner owned and built the old building of one floor [approximately 38 square meters], shared office [dot room] 12 months to have a practice. Business partners,rental housing nationwide Daito Trust Construction. Open from 1 weeks for reservations of 15 beyond that the steady rise was.

Tokyo building partnership with the nod, the Daito Trust Construction is a”?” Remember. Incidentally, Daito Trust Construction, a”shrinking population=rental housing demand decreases in response is not. Already[last year]6 months to“dot-based Toranomon”to open this dot room that flow a part of. Diversifying livelihoods and response to spatial and rental housing of the nature of validation”for that.

But in short, the real estate market of the status of your flow should be regarded as would. Space the market is considering that the space is used for event space・meeting rooms, a photography Studio and so diverse. It from 1 hour lending framework. The success or failure of a business, the time of history we shall not be.

Space the market is”expected”challenges to established out the facts.

Specifically”free interior construction of a frown”the owner is also pretty. This urge is the space to question the competence and even used it yet, but the company has 38 companies affiliated companies teamed up to.

This space such usage is appropriate to think that”planning”firm and appropriate construction,operational agencies, and further cleaning and other maintenance companies etc and so. The owner is”assured”and, I can say that the framework has equipped us

Real estate share of the needs is high indeed. In that sense, watching or companies for 1 company appeared to say. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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