Real estate tech in 2020–subscription model latest trend, what is the new trend data business?

The second Kurofune landing, 2019 when subscriptions spread

The second Kurofune landed in Japan in 2019. Following WeWork, the Indian hotel operator OYO, which is funded by Softbank Vision Fund, establishes a joint venture with Yahoo."OYO LIFE"Start. Full-scale entry into the Japanese rental housing business. OYO LIFE is a service that allows you to search for a property, enter and leave with a single smartphone in a room with furnished appliances provided with a security deposit, key money, and brokerage fee of 0 yen.

Including 2019 OYO LIFE"ADDress [address]"It was the year that full-scale rental housing with subscription [monthly fixed-rate system] was started, with deposits, key money, and brokerage commissions such as “HafH” and “HafH” being 0 yen.

サ ブ In 2019, the expansion of subscribing-type businesses in the real estate area in addition to relocation rental housing has started. Subscribe-type offices are rapidly increasing, such as flat-rate co-work offices such as "WeWork" and hourly pay-as-you-go share offices such as "WORKSTYLE", a shared office of Mitsui Fudosan. Increased. Other services include furniture and consumer electronics subs"CLAS [class]"And "subsclife", you can use the smart lock of monthly subscription at an initial cost of 0 yen"Bit key"Subscription-type services were noticeable.

Real estate tech-related listings and financing were brisk. In June, Livin Technologies, a provider of real estate sales matching services, was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers. Livin Technologies has 2,400 merchants, a web service that generates 16 million visits a year and over 90,000 matches a year.

In addition, we will operate a matching site for empty space in DecemberSpace marketAlso listed on TSE Mothers. The space market lists more than 12,000 different spaces, including conference rooms, restaurants, homes, sports facilities, closed spaces, temples and castles, and other unique spaces that could not be rented before. .

On the financing topic, smart lock companies in AugustLinafBut raised funds from Tokyu Land Holdings. It is also a mortgage tech companyiYellHas raised a total of 1.65 billion yen from 25 major real estate companies such as the Bank of Yokohama and other nationwide banks, Nomura Real Estate Holdings, and Mitsubishi Estate.

In addition, since listing in 2018, we acquired Itanji and others, and gained momentumGA Technologies [GA Technologies]Is a company that will keep an eye on it, acquiring Modern Standard, a luxury rental site in December.

On the topic of administration and laws and regulations, the government announced the "Real Estate Business Vision 2030" in April for the first time in about a quarter century. This is a guideline in which the public and private sectors work together to ensure that all players involved in the real estate industry are continuously developing. As a basic concept, seven goals, such as "realization of a stock-type society" and "realization of safe and secure real estate transactions", are set, aiming at realizing optimal utilization of real estate as individuals, companies and society.

社会 In October, a social experiment on the realization of IT in real estate transactions and the digitization of documents in rental transactions began. The full-scale operation of the IT story started in 2017, and until now it was possible to receive explanations on the web conferencing service etc. .

For this reason, although the explanation is online, the documents are offline, and the complete rental transaction has not been made online. This social experiment is finally going online after this social experiment.

Looking at real estate tech related events and organizations, it seems that 2019 has seen more real estate tech related events than ever before. The Real Estate Tech Association held the Real Estate Conference 2019 in April and the Real Estate Tech Conference 2019 in August with CNET Japan. In August, the latest version of the chaos map of domestic real estate tech, which is a miso in the foreground but I am involved in, was also announced. On the other hand, PropTech Japan held a pitch conference "PropTech Sartup Conference" specializing in real estate tech, which was held in September by domestic and overseas startups. In November, the Real Estate Tech Association and PropTech Japan announced a partnership.

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