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Realizes the strongest shooting environment in combination with the Sony α series! GP-VPT2BT shooting grip with wireless remote commander function

Sony will release the GP-VPT2BT shooting grip with wireless remote commander function for Sony cameras that uses Bluetooth wireless technology. The price is 12,560 yen (excluding tax).

■ Shooting grip for camera which can support various shooting

This unit adopts a grip shape with a high hold that enables stable shooting when a mirrorless single-lens camera or digital still camera is attached, from daily use to travel, Vlog (video blog) that takes a video of the scene you want to leave Suitable for shooting in a wide range of scenes.

The new 180-degree quick-rotation mechanism allows you to switch between self-portrait and outward-facing shooting with a single touch as a convenient new feature not only when shooting in grip style but also in tripod style. Combined with a tilt mechanism that can set the tilt freely, stable shooting is possible with a high degree of freedom.

In addition, it has a wireless commander remote control function, so you can operate the camera at hand, regardless of your dominant hand. The shutter, recording start / stop, and zoom operation can be performed quickly while holding the grip. Since this grip can be connected to the camera body without using a cable, there is no need to open the cover of the terminal section of the camera body, and it maintains dustproof and drip-proof performance when the camera is connected.

It adopts a compact and lightweight design that has a sense of unity with the latest Sony camera α and Cybershot “RX100 VII” and “RX0 II”.




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