Reason why cream soda of Showa retro pure coffee “curry shop Higuchi” is too great / 350 yen curry is also no complaint! Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture “Moji Central Market”

cream sodaSpeaking of the combination of refreshing melon soda and rich vanilla ice cream, it has been popular for 100 years. It is a special drink that seems to have settled down as a classic menu of Showa Retro Juncha, but it's a special drink that you'll want to drink as soon as you die.

Just the other day, in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture,Moji Central Market"I really wanted to drink cream soda." I originally intended to eat curry at a long-established coffee shop, but as soon as I started working on cream soda because of the good atmosphere. Hmm, it ’s great even in winter.

・ Moji Central Market

Moji Chuo Market, located about 10 minutes from JR Mojiko Station,Showa Aura fully openedIt was a nice appearance. The area around the station is called “Mojiko Retro”, but in terms of retro, the central market has not lost. Retro in a more realistic sense.

AlmostShutter streetIt seems that there are some popular shops where local people gather, although it is in the market. There is a Showa atmosphere.

By the way, the coffee shop I visited this time will be visible as you go through the market in the direction of “Oimatsu Park”. The name of the store is …

“Curry & Coffee Shop Higuchi”!

・ Curry & Coffee Shop Higuchi

The store is exactly like the image of a pure coffee shop. The store is also famous for the “Flanders Dog” drawn on the window about 40 years ago, but as a result of children peeling paint with their nails …Patrash's eyes are shaved and miserable! Ok, okay, Patrash!

Remind yourself … The shop has only L-shaped counter seats. The orange tulip lamp produced a wonderful Showa feeling. By the way, the popular menu is “curry(350 yen including tax) ", so ordered curry first. It ’s a cheap curry.

And … What I noticed while waiting for curry was the presence of cream soda. If you look closely at the menu,Cream soda(280 yen) " This retro feeling is irresistible.

So if you ordered "Is cream soda good?"You're cold but I'm fine"Mom." No, my mother, thanks to the warm air released from the heater, thank you very much.

・ Coffee curry

So, curry arrived in no time. It's a nostalgic visual curry like the cafe. alsoThe royal road is number 1It is.

When I eat it, I am convinced that there are many fans with a rich and rich taste. Also, the rice is a bite and goes well with curry.Yeah, delicious. There is more volume than it looks … No, this is 350 yen too hot.

・ Cream soda is also a god

And after eatingcream sodaIt is. Put ice in the glass, add melon syrup and carbonated water, and then gently float the ice cream. This is also the best nostalgic look. It's also nice to make it by hand.

Well, in a retro shop,Cream soda to drink while taking the warm air of the heater under the knee. It hasn't changed since I was a kid, and it feels like a luxury drink. Personally, it may be super delicious because I drink it once or twice a year. This will blow your tiredness away!

・ Get “Central Seal” at Central Market

── After payment, I received 6 stickers and mount. This is a sticker that you can get one for every 100 yen you purchase at the Central Market.If you collect 250, you can shop for 300 yenIt seems. “Make sure to collect it,” Mom said. I see, it ’s 250 sheets.

However, is a cup of cream soda free (280 yen)? Well, let's report if the remaining 244 pieces gather someday.

・ Detailed store data introduced this time

Store nameCurry & coffee shop Higuchi
Street address2-12 Oimatsucho, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
timeApprox. 12:00 to 18:00
holidaySundays and public holidays

Report:Masanori Sandako

Photo: RocketNews24.

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