Recommended for professional baseball players! The documentary film produced by Yokohama DeNA Baystars is a precious one where you can see "the real faces of the players"

Baseball is completely off season. This year, I enjoyed playing baseball for a long time at the premiere 12, but as I entered the year-end mode, there will be less talk. The thing that baseball fans are looking forward to at this time is the story of a player who seems to struggle with contract renewal and December 30th"Professional baseball force outside notices men who have been fired (TBS series)"It will be about.

However, some fans may have changed their way of spending off-season several years ago. Yes, it is the existence of a “documentary film” produced by Yokohama DeNA Baystars since 2012! Of course, this year, high-quality images"FOR REAL"Will be released!

・ What is “FOR REAL”?

“FOR REAL” captures video that can never be seen on the front stage, as the camera is in close contact with the team throughout the year and penetrates to the limit. Because of the unusual efforts in the Japanese sports world, valuable images are attracting attention every year.

And this year, “FOR REAL-the moment that does n’t return. -"Will be released under the title. From 2018, when I finished in class B, to the second place in the SE League for the first time in 22 years. The other day there was a preview for the media, so when I watched the movie a little earlier, rich …Too rich 1 yearWas recorded.

As you know, Captain Tsukasa Tsutsuka has left the team only this season, as you know. By challenging the Major League, which was a dream since childhood, the team and the players fought with a passion for “this year”.

10 years after the light called “Tsukaka Yoshichi” came into the Bay Stars in the dark era. Now, Tsutsuka has grown to become “Japan's leading slugger”, but it is no exaggeration to say that the culmination is packed.

“For life, for a moment”Men aiming for the top with the slogan. How was the team rebuilt after the 10 consecutive losses in the early season? You can't take your eyes off the following demon gate exchange game, the end of the league, the battle in the climax series.

The figure of trying to get the "win" that was visible to the hand with the dying stuff, and the last bat of Tsutsuka … What did the players think of with glory and frustration? Of course, there are many other highlights and even the unexpected faces of the players are recorded.

I sometimes laugh and sometimes cry. After all it is good to play professional baseball … I couldn't help but think about it after watching the masterpiece of less than 2 hours.

・ Recommendation of professional baseball loss

The movie will be released on December 20th. It will be screened in 14 movie theaters from Hokkaido in the north to Fukuoka in the south. DVDs and Blu-rays will also be released.Special pageSo) professional baseball loss people are a must-see.

Source:YouTube, Instagram @baystars_official,FOR REAL special page

writing:Takashi Harada

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