Recommended for snowboarding and skiing! Casio tests new features of PRO TREK Smart

Casio's PRO TREK Smart "WSD-F30" is a smart watch equipped with Google Wear OS. An app that makes winter sports a lot more fun has recently appeared in outdoor gear that continues to evolve with repeated updates even after one year from its release.

Speaking of winter sports, Mynavi News Digital's editor-in-chief Hayashi. When you come to winter, you will appear in snow mountains all over the country with the arrival of winter, reminiscent of Kawasaki's "Ninja" series from the top to the foot of the slopesRun through at explosive speedIt was lightning.

This time, a new function to make skiers crazy is installed in "Ski Tracks for CASIO", a ski & snowboard app that adds new features to make skiers crazy about WSD-F30. "The slopes are calling me again …". In response to the news from Casio, Mr. Hayashi, editor-in-chief who seems to be unable to control the blood stagnation, gathered early in the morning.

Built-in GPS! The latest model of PRO TREK Smart with tough battery performance

"WSD-F30" is a smart watch that is especially recommended for those who love sports and leisure to enjoy outdoors. This is the third generation of the main model in the series. The main unit equipped with a color organic EL display that is highly visible even outdoors has a robust design that complies with the U.S. Army's procurement standard of MIL specifications and a toughness that is waterproof to 5 bar.

  • Casio's smart watch “PRO TREK Smart” “WSD-F30” boasts high durability and is an outdoor gear that is very active in the winter sports scene.

With a built-in GPS function, you can download maps that can be used offline, so when you enjoy skiing, climbing or trekking outdoors, for example, you can track your current location with GPS and maps without having to wear a smartphone. If the main unit is fully charged, it has a mode that allows you to climb or trek for up to three days with the GPS function turned on. It's a smartwatch with a stand-alone feature.

Track ski and snowboarding results with the app

"Ski Tracks for CASIO" is a ski / snowboard activity tracker developed by UK app vendor CoreCoders.

  • "Ski Tracks for CASIO" is a Wear OS version app tuned up by CoreCoders and Casio. You can download it directly to WSD-F30 connected to Wi-Fi and use it for free. Smartphone version application is charged (Android version: 99 yen / iPhone version 120 yen 現在 as of February 2020)

The base app "Ski Tracks" has a long history, and the iOS version was released shortly after Apple released the iPhone 3G in 2009, followed by the Android version. Currently, about 3.6 million active users worldwide use it. It seems that there are many Ski Tracks users even among top athletes because they can perform detailed activity analysis while quickly and accurately reading activity information obtained from sensors built into paired terminals such as smartphones and smart watches.

The app for Wear OS has been optimized as "Ski Tracks for CASIO" to best match Casio's PRO TREK Smart series. The recommended combination is WSD-F30 / F20 / F21HR with built-in GPS.

Ski Tracks for CASIO contains a database of over 2,600 ski resorts worldwide. Wear the corresponding WSD series on your wrist, start the application and start sliding, the WSD series displays the moving route and distance on the map based on the data acquired in real time, the number of sliding on the slope, Changes in altitude, maximum speed, etc. can be seen on the screen. The data stored after a day's sliding can be uploaded to the "Ski Tracks" application on the paired smartphone side to see more accurate graphs and maps.

  • With the "Ski Tracks for CASIO" app, you can check the ski course and the running history on the screen of the smart watch

Release of the limiter, what happened to Mr. Hayashi who slipped around?

Even on the day when the interview staff visited, Tambara Ski Park was blessed with good quality, slippery snow and good weather. Apparently, Hayashi is also very satisfied. First of all, I attached WSD-F30 with a cool blue bezel to the list and snapped it. Yes, good smile.

  • The day of the interview was blessed with calm weather. Mr. Hayashi wearing WSD-F30 is also very satisfied

In order to realize the convenience of stand-alone recording, we asked Editor-in-Chief Hayashi to put his smartphone in a 300-yen coin locker once. Sometimes it is important to be free from e-mails and SNS notifications and immerse yourself in pure skiing. It is more than two birds per stone because you are free from worrying about accidentally dropping and destroying your smartphone while riding.

All operations for recording the gliding data are possible with the WSD-F30 alone. Launch "Ski Tracks for CASIO" on WSD-F30 and tap the triangle play icon. Next, select the event you want to record from the four events including skiing and snowboarding. Then just slide around while wearing the WSD-F30. It accurately counts the number of times you slide down the slopes. Movement by gondola or resting at a restaurant is also accurately identified as “outside the run”, so that the data does not get out of order. You can pause the recording, but you don't have to.

  • Just open the "Ski Tracks for CASIO" app and tap the record start icon before starting the day. After that, it automatically determines the action of sliding on the slope and extracts and records only activities such as running speed and distance.

"I see, this is a sense of freedom that you can slip without having a smartphone!"

In the eyes of Editor-in-Chief Hayashi, the brilliance and vitality of the time when he was naughty were seen. I left the interview staff and rushed to the slope of the advanced course. After a while, we finally rejoin at lunch break. "It's nice that you can easily see the change in the distance you have slid and the altitude at hand, so it's good!", Excitement while showing the results recorded on the screen of the WSD-F30.

  • Hayashi Editor-in-Chief reproduces the famous scene of the movie "Rocky" with a superb view from the top of the tanbara ski park. I was running down the slope like lightning

After a long day of skiing, return to the Ski Tracks for CASIO screen and tap the square stop icon. If you select "Save" from the items displayed on the screen, the sliding data is firmly carved into the memory of WSD-F30. The rough numerical values ​​and the travel route written on the map can be confirmed on the screen of WSD-F30, but if you want to see in more detail, the smartphone app is still better.

  • Tap the stop icon from the screen of the app when you slide without worry. Save a record of your workout

"Since it's been a long time, I slipped slowly this time."Mr. Hayashi, a slippery look. If skiing data can be visualized, even a skier who is always skidding will be more excited.

Plenty of useful functions for outdoor sports & leisure

Ski Tracks for CASIO is designed so that data cannot be "viewed" on the screen of a watch or smartphone while gliding. It is said that it is necessary to stop every time and ensure the surroundings before checking the records. Indeed, on the slopes, you want to use smart watches comfortably while maintaining manners.

  • When you upload the run record, you can also see it from the screen of the smartphone application. An attractive app that lets you see the results of your workout on the big screen of your smartphone

Finally, I would like to introduce tips that will help you use the WSD-F30 more comfortably in outdoor scenes. One is a function to boost the brightness of the screen display. Quickly click the power button in the center of the side three times to temporarily increase the brightness of the screen. The screen is easy to see even on a sunny day outdoors, so it is very useful in the summer.

The display of WSD-F30 has a two-layer structure of color organic EL and monochrome liquid crystal. Also keep in mind that changing the monochrome LCD screen display from normal dark to bright will increase visibility in bright places. The setting method switches between dark and bright for "monochrome display" of the "2 layer" setting of the watch face.

  • If you wear the WSD-F30 from the top of the garment, the slide lever type dedicated cross band (left photo) plays an active part. Can be attached and detached with the tool attached to the product

If you want to wear the WSD-F30 over sportswear, the slide lever type nylon cross band sold as a genuine option from Casio is the best choice. Anyone can easily attach and detach the band with the attached tool, so please try it.

By the way, from March 20, WSD-F30 based white collar "WSD-F30-WE"Will be released. This is a motif of Harugasumi, a fantastic natural phenomenon that hangs over the blue mountains, and it is planned to sell 1,000 pieces worldwide.

Enjoy the first ski and snowboard season in Reiwa with Casio's smartwatch and Ski Tracks app.

■ Cooperation: Tanbara Ski Park (Tokyu Resort Service Co., Ltd./Gunma Prefecture)

The best powder snow in about 2 hours from the Tokyo metropolitan area. In the long season from late November to early May, and on the slopes, beginner and intermediate courses account for about 80%, so they are used by a wide range of people from young people to families.

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