Recommended settings for iPhone for smart people who don't have emails overnight

In the past, it seems that Edo used to have the motto that “I don't have the money to pass the evening”, but it was a stable society where jobs were unchanged every day, rather than being unplanned to be exhausted on that day with income. Maybe you should look.

It's a bit aggressive, but the same can be said for so-called mail (Internet mail). The mail system is always running and it's normal. With the IMAP method, sent and received mail can be stored on the server forever and retrieved when needed. Since mail servers all over the world rely on common communication procedures (protocols) such as IMAP and POP3 instead of local laws, it is certain that the system is stable.

If you trust its stability, it would be ant to display "only emails that arrived today". The filtering function provided in the email application included with iOS (the function that displays only emails that meet certain conditions) has the option "Only emails sent today". You can narrow down the display to the received mail.

The procedure is simple, tap the filter button (▽) at the bottom left of the screen of the mail application, and tap "Applying filter". The filter option will appear, so if you turn on the "Only mail sent today" switch, only the current day's selected mailboxes will be displayed. If you use it with options such as "Unopened" and "Only from VIP", it should be a little easier to process a large amount of mail that arrives every day.

In addition, the filtering function only selects the emails to display, and it does not touch the emails at all. You can turn it on and off each time you tap the filter button, so it's easy to use.

Easy explanation of operation procedure

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    1 Normally when you open your mail folder you will see all the mail that has been accumulated so far

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    2 Tap the filter button (▽) at the bottom left of the screen, then tap "Applying filter"

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    3 Turn on the "Only emails sent today" switch and tap the "Done" button

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    Four If you turn on the filter, only emails that arrived today will be displayed

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