Reconstruction from Meiji University and Tanaka “Human Graveyard” “Pride” quasi-V

Meiji University coach Sumikaru Tanaka [44], who aimed for the second consecutive victory, expressed his gratitude for the fact that he was able to perform a traditional game at the National Stadium. The last national confrontation was at the 1996 tournament, where he led Meidai as SH.

After the match, the 44-year-old commander said, "I'm proud to have the game on the best stage with about 57,000 people. I would like to thank Mr. Waseda and everyone who supported me. He showed his will, but the results of the first half [0-31] led to this result. "

Last season, he led Meiji University to the resurrection V with his first inauguration. Requested by former director Masahiko Niwa, he became director. Until then, he was in charge of recruiting new graduates at Suntory, and the leaders were modeled by Eddie Jones and other successive Suntory commanders. There were times when promising athletes gathered and did not produce any results, and were called "graveyards for human resources." He rebuilt his alma mater under the guidance of a unique mix of Suntory school and experience. "Meiji has an atmosphere of freedom and individualism, and we wanted to make it a 'fighting group'." He also reviewed his private life and told him sourly that he could do "natural things as a student" such as cleaning and greetings.

He cherishes the lesson “before” of the late coach Kitajima who established the golden age, but on the other hand, “More than that,“ Meiji must be strong. ”For that, it is important to take action. I think it's important that people inherit it. " Every spring, at the dormitory ceremony for new first-year students, OBs give “Lectures Ahead” that convey the significance and history of “Previous,” but they ask their OBs to shorten their time and seek growth from their everyday lives.

This season's slogan was "true value." The evolution of the team also took place, says Tanaka. "The most important thing is when you lose. You've made good preparations until the finals, but there's something that you can't win. I want to analyze that and connect to the next."

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