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Reconstruction support for the Kumamoto earthquake without losing to Corona! This year too, Garrigari launched a collaboration product with Kumamon using Kyushu mandarin juice "Garigari Kyushu Mikan"

Akagi Dairy has released "Garigari-kun Kyushu Mikan". This product is an ice candy made from Kyushu mandarin juice. This collaboration was planned for the fourth time this year as support for the reconstruction of the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 2016.

■ This time with Kumamon's 10th anniversary logo

For the fourth time in 2020, Kumamon and Garigari will appear together, and the design will be limited to 2020 with the Kumamon 10th anniversary logo.

In addition, the damage of the new coronavirus is now spreading, but recovery from the Kumamoto earthquake is still continuing. We need to make sure that those involved in the recovery are not affected by the corona. A portion of the sales of the products to be released this time will be donated as Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction assistance as before.

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