Recruitment of Interview, 6 months is 7% of the Web carried out a minor investigation

Minor service 6 months in the current College students job-hunting status survey results announced. This year, especially in a Web interview on the introduction search items added,6 we held on for the interview, the student 69. 9% of the Web interview was, and responded.

【Here】College and after Corona era of the new learning style

■Mynavi student Monitor survey of about

Minor service,yearly student Monitor survey is carried out. The survey is job-hunting activity to the 3rd Year 2 months from 4 annual 9 months, and 5~8 times a done. Students of job hunting realities to reveal,each year nearly decided on to investigate the molecular properties of the state for easy comparison to themselves.

■The graduate recruitment Web interview, 7% of the implementation

The survey of this year’s feature selection in the Web interview was done asking questions. The results of the 6-month Interview out of the Web interview is 69. 9%, a face-to-face is 30. 1% in.

Also this region when viewed in the Kanto area is 71. 5%, Tokai is 59. 2%, Kansai is 72. 2%and more.

■Web interview other than changes

First is transportation and the suit in place, such as the cost of. 3 months from 6 month until 4 months of 1 per capita cost is 3 million, 4,224 yen in the same period in the previous year of 9 million 9,227 yen from the really 34. 5% is also declining. This is a Web interview by the spread of the impact depends largely as it seems.

内々定 to obtain a student about 6 as at the point 62. 2%, the same period last year of 71. Than 5% 9. 3 points lower results. This is the graduate recruitment market last year than shrinking and than,companies・universities and also activities to quiet time, for I was schedule for after the first it means no worries for the rest of your days it’s our problem and we should all look at.

However, currently a 3rd year or later of graduate recruitment market, gloomy predictions of many, the future trends should be kept in mind. [Article: Inagawa 海豹・The article list to look at]

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