Recycling stepping out”circulation society”and is

The workplace used in the room to look around, and be neat and professional contractors are processed through it,it keeps going around and around,”recycled paper”and coming back would be a”waste”of type I is covered by is not an exaggeration. Recycling is environmentally friendly. One of the main reasons, it to sparse to me the Non-is.

【Here】One foot even, and to expand the reuse market

But the world is already recycling area a few steps from the stepped,”circulation society”steadily walking can use to know.

Mere waste reuse and reuse is not. The traditional”disposal”of the targeted ones of the original shape and features, leveraging new ideas to add”other uses of another thing”to revive. In other words, it is trash, just not the ones in the treasure change. Circulation society, and not for reasons of showing that.

Panasonic and the open area [architect:Baba 正尊 Mr. entrepreneurship. Real estate-related business to expand], co-creation, the factory of waste re-use”up-cycle products,”such as the beginning of the runner. This for example, Mitsubishi Estate subsidiaries:Mitsubishi Jisho residence’s share of the office”Park Rex Tennozu design Desk”, and specifically not in the form we have introduced.

“Electric cookers of 釜部 minutes:the light bulb cover”,”electric irons, iron parts:book end”,”the type of the product and molding when used resin:electric stand strut”,”car seat belt:the seat of the chair and backrest”and so and so.

Mitsubishi Jisho residence is”Tennozu share of office are as minutes from unique ideas in the Su was a product there. Building old building renovation of hands, which have multiplied,Tennozu, data of various fields such as products of different shapes in our collaboration is fun”and,lapped and speak.

I agree with the applaud companies are also increasing. For example, building up to the”green”utilizing the natural environment as close to the optimal office environment for”common business needs”provide help to personal・touch service, such as forefront. I was Tennozu share of office common business size may have an existing,not in the wind stress.

“Thing is,normally a waste product but how to use and ingenuity in living returned. Our motto is earth-friendly, please suggest. Tennozu of the affair is,stimulating. Future development of sample based”.

Or bulky waste of any kind,a fee will be recovered. Far from any usable bulky waste specializes in handling the carrier appeared to be it. This from the side of”environment”to introduce you should. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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