Red Bull Honda Verstappen leads

On July 10th, F1 Round 2 of the Steyrmark GP first day free practice was held at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. It will be held in the same place for two consecutive weeks, but this time it will be held in the name of Styria, where the circuit is located.

Racing point Sergio Perez recorded a top time of 1:4:867 in the first free run in the morning, but Red Bull Honda's Max Verstappen recorded a 1:3.660 in the second free run in the afternoon. And took the lead.

Local weather forecasts for heavy rain on Saturday, and if the Saturday session including the qualifying session is canceled, the result of this second free practice will be the starting grid of the final, so a new one in the middle of the session A number of drivers are continuously attacking by throwing in soft tires in quick succession. Among them, Verstappen set a top time by solving the problem of machine behavior last week.

"The car is already feeling better than it was last week. The balance of the car was much easier to drive and we were able to make a big step forward. We tried various directions to better understand the car. I think that has helped me find the right direction. It's still free practice and I'm not sure if it's different from the Mercedes AMG, but we're very happy with it."

Mercedes A MG's Valtelli Bottus was 0.043 seconds behind, second-placed Perez was 0.217 seconds behind, and Ferrari, who put forward the update to the machine due to the slump in the opening game, was 9th and 16th. Sank

Regarding the electrical problems that occurred in the opening game last week, Honda's technical director Toyoharu Tanabe explained as follows.

"The Max Verstappen car had a problem with the electrical system of the power unit due to mechanical problems, but this was not related to the power unit. Alexander Arbon car [in contact with Lewis Hamilton] Gravel I stopped the machine because I had an outlier after running the car and it had reached the limit we set and replaced the electrical system of the power unit with very simple and basic measures. We're in this race. We're still investigating the details, but for now it looks like there's nothing wrong with the car."

[Mr. Yoneke Minoki]

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