Red Lan asks "My selfishness?"

Actor Masao Kusagi [67], the eldest daughter of a business man and talented Koran [30], refuted criticisms of working with a young daughter.

Red Lan updated Instagram stories on the 4th. He referred to the criticism that "Is working with my daughter too pitiful?" and said, "Where are you? I can say with pity that there are babysitters and nurseries in the world for 24 hours a day." I don't know, but I don't want to leave even one second.I can't do that.I can do more every day, one day.I want to see the moment at that moment.I can't stay with you for only one second. Is this my selfishness?" I asked back.

Continuing, he argued, "I want you to be careful about raising children, because no one loves my daughter more than I do, so don't complain." "I'm careful, it's a study and I've saved a lot," he said. In addition, he explained that the company that he represents was "OK to work with children," and added, "I would like to see more companies in Japan.

In December 2018, Koran gave birth to the first child girl with rapper RYKEY, who was actually married to Muta Shimoda Shimoda. In July 19th, the following year, Shimoda was arrested on charges of assault on an acquaintance man and the marriage was canceled.

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