Reduced introduction,restaurant”, and the number of customers is reduced by”5 percent “accounting is one of the most complicated or”4 divided

10 month tax hike is done by the consumption of the stalling concern you. Demand of the movement was small for this time of consumption the recoil is minimal and that speculation was,10 on from the bad weather, from last year continued global economic slowdown, there is also Retail, Food and beverage is expected of stall is going.

Especially the food and beverage business in the grocery reduced with the introduction food demand of a large fall in fear been. This concern is small and medium-sized mom-and-pop shops to the center to become a reality for you. Or reduced by the application of a field in turmoil, the administrative complexity of IS restaurant management to put further pressure on The seems.

Restaurant consultants of the hood,its run by SITE member 384 name subject to the consumption tax increase・reduced system associated with the implementation of the impact and the response status to the survey to 10 late in the implementation,6 that results of. By the way, research cooperation with the store 69% of the 1st store business, 71% of the Metropolitan area of the store.

The results, according to the”reduced support up to”ask for”completed”and the answer was the proportion of stores in 79. 4%,storage facilities, menu, signage, etc.”still support you no points”is 20. 6%is still not capable of handling stores is 2 percent and.

Reduced corresponding to the”equipment purchase cost”, the”0~10 million yen”is 76. 0%,”11~30 million”10.2%, about 8% of 10 million yen or less,9% is 30 million yen investment would be.

Of reduced”impact on management”I heard about the result,”the number of customers has decreased,”is 49. 0%most about half of in-store customers fall seems to have. The”sales management accounting is one of the most complicated”was 37.0 percent.

Free text field to see”a tax increase since the sheer number of customers decreased. Eating out is a luxury, eating out is expensive,so the image of a computer with the CM and the news flow was not,was 2%up to even”eat out is high refrain from like”with this movement you feel like”(Aichi/Italian food),”the process is often very troublesome impression. The tax rate is reduced even if the work load is increasing because,as profit is reduced to impressions. Accounting of the amount of work increases, a shortage of medium, fine, and very meaning of not working is increasing the impression that” (Osaka/Tavern・dining bar), such as which have become. Reduced VAT rate of restaurant management to the impact of the equivalent of thing like. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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