Reduction together with the material transformation of the! The marine plastic problem at the forefront of

6 at the end of the forthcoming G20 Osaka summit. This summit’s attention, just before the start from the USA and China trade war. Economy between glare contact also, likely, the presidency in Japan is how to help behave from the inside would be. It’s not the economy one color to the G20 Osaka summit, the other globally important issues on the agenda on that. It is a marine plastic litter problem.

The shore shipwrecked on marine plastic litter, the world’s annual 500 million tons〜1300 tons, said. However, this is only you can figure out from the figures of the estimates. The reality is more serious. 1 person is discharged disposable plastic garbage amount in the world, the 2nd-most made in Japan and is seriously working on the problem.

Leave 5 month 31 days,the marine plastic litter measures relating to the Ministerial meeting at Prime Minister’s office opened, and in it the Prime Minister,”the marine plastic litter problem,the G20 Osaka summit maximum one of the themes of”positioning,”the presidency and the leaders think,”I stated. Japan’s efforts and technologies to the world, the opportunity to live how I want and where.

The government has laid out marine plastic litter measures of the action plan, the waste volume itself of the reduction, together with the marine spill also have less impact on the development of materials and material transformation also mentioned that. It is the material of the Switch as it is in Japan expanding, the G20 Osaka insights,6 months in the mid-Nagano Prefecture Karuizawa,”the earth, to the society and to future G20 Innovation exhibition”will be held,among them the aforementioned new material is introduced as well.

Plastic products of the leading Co., Ltd., Kaneka〈4118 > is 100%plant-derived biodegradable polymer, PHBH exhibited. Environmental and ecological negative impact on the current plastic and different, to put it plainly the soil and water microorganisms decompose materials, as well as return to nature and products. The Company Co., Ltd. Seven&I Holdings〈3382 > and Shiseido Co., Ltd. 〈4911 > in children for the development and PHBH using the product to the store shelves the day so far would not.

Plastic as the material itself from the transformation and it is noteworthy that,Co., Ltd. Acura home is exhibited at the”trees of support”only. Thinning including domestic material,Kanna cut in thin slices rolled up,was commercialized in the you. The ocean plastic trash problem is widely known by, plastic straws instead of the new material is wood and the tremendous need. Held in the same period”the G20 and sustainable growth for energy conversion and environment-related Ministerial meeting”, the problem solving items to be adopted as from the point of impact, the size of the people.

In addition to a variety of exhibitors, and the private sector from the standpoint of environmental issues and initiatives. 5 months of Prime Minister Abe’s remarks in”first” you must be the change you wish to see in the World ” “word there. Marine plastic litter problem,look incredible and feel like they matter, even their own with a range of issues from working on and solving a lot of that. This G20 Osaka summit,around the plastic litter problem to think on the occasion it would be fun. (Editor in charge:Imai, Shintaro)

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