Rei Nagami “Full of Joy” Popular Manga Madonna Best Friend

The actress Reina Nagami [17] has been revealed on the 26th to appear in the FOD original drama "Nina Itoshi" [starting distribution this spring, all eight episodes].

The original is a popular manga by Aya Ikuemi. A love story that begins when a hero's male high school student becomes a longing for a high school girl who has a trauma in an abduction case. Nagami plays Nina the best friend of Madonna, Asami. It is an important part of being involved with Nina, but still being missed by the high school boy who is the perpetrator.

Nagami, who loves manga originally, said, "I am full of joy to be able to play the characters of a girl manga." ".

A cool but hot one-sided character. Nagami says, "I'm a girl with a straight ball with a core and the words I call. He is confident that he can show a new look.

Starring Takeshi Okada, Mayu Hotta, Ayumi Mochizuki, Masakazu Kasamatsu and others.

◆ Nagami Rea was born on May 28, 2002 in Kanagawa Prefecture on May 28, 2002. In 2017, made a drama debut with Fuji Television's "100% Appearance". In the fall of 19, Kanebo Cosmetics "KATE" was overtaken by a make-up model and became a hot topic. Planning, producing and starring in the Hikari TV distribution drama “Triple Mission !!

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