Reina Tanaka "I'm a child and I'm very fine"

Actress Rena Tanaka [39] updated Instagram for the first time after giving birth to her first child, and reported on the recent state that "Thanks to me, I and I have been very well."

Instagram has been updated for about four months since November last year. "It's Hello Long time no see. Parenting also have passed the blink of an eye two months. Favor externals I also child also, very healthy to have spent" reported that, as "I cut my hair. Easier!", Hair A close-up image of a shorter version was also released.

It also reported that the event scheduled to appear due to the new coronavirus was canceled. "I think that I will spend more time at home, but I want to keep my feelings bright."

In addition, before the Hina Matsuri on the 3rd of tomorrow, a photo of "Hina Halah and matcha tea" took a breather, saying, "A break while the angel is sleeping. Spelled the message, "Mothers from all over the country work hard! Let's keep the room warm because it's cold today. Also humidify."

Tanaka married a five-year-old male doctor in February 2016. Last December, he reported having given birth to his first child.

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