Reiwa's most crazy idol, Uguigo, major debut commemorative interview "Members are all monsters"

Torigago has been receiving a lot of attention since its formation in February 2018 for its aggressive live performances and "emo" songs. Starting with member and executive producer Tamuko, 15 years old, the group with unique members finally made its major debut on February 19th. "Their fundamentals remain the same even when they go to majors," she says.

──Young baskets are live, and they have a lot of tastes, such as aggressive choreography and directing that changes every time.

You're trying to do that. After all, if you do not have originality, you can not protrude, and if it disappears, it will be the same as others.

What do you keep on stage?

I'm a karaage idol, but I'd like to do a live show that doesn't fit into the mold, or rather fascinates.

──I think that Uguigo's live can be called “dramatic”.

Tamoko: Isn't the other idol dance like you're really pretty?て も Even if you show me the same thing every time, I don't think it's fun and it won't last long, so there are such theatrical movements and ad-libs.

で す か Do you have a dance teacher?

I don't know. The choreography is done mainly by Dao Otsu who has dance experience.

駄 What do you do, other than choreography, as a member and executive producer?

I'm very important about the concept and world view of Dago Oto Uguigo, but that kind of concept was made. The rest is member management. I have the right to leave the member, so if these kids do bad things, they will be fired immediately [laughs].

But it's the opposite. The five people manage each other, so if you do something, this will boycott you [laughs].

I don't think there's either.

No, it's rather awkward to touch the members, so how many times have we decided to leave Dao Otsu [laughs]?

で す か Touch [laughs].

Karaage high. It is like a junior high school boy.

That's a paranoid delusion of the guys [laughs].

── So, what do you think of the other members as seen from Mr. Dayoshi?

Dako Oto These people are all monsters.

Everybody is strange in a different sense.

First of all, the karaage makes a brilliant utterance with blood running through his eyes.

What ’s that [laughs]? But it's super-character that seems to appear in a daytime drama.

You're a low boiling point [laughs]. Easy to sharpen.

I often get irritated by the Karaage か ら members [laughs].

What about Puban Pia?

Dakoto Otoko This person is too dangerous. It is a nervous mass.

PINOCO: This person is impatient. I'm always living in a corner [laughs].

I'm told It ’s really dangerous.

Karaage Because we four are at our own pace, it seems extra difficult.

は What about Tenten?

Dakoto Otto: Actually, I talk unexpectedly, but I don't talk in front of the members.

Do you like talking karaage?

Dot … [laughs].

I guess she likes to talk to me, but she never talks with her. I'm messed up with people who are not us.

で す か Is it quiet in the dressing room?

Dot Something … too much … slightly older people are … not good [laughs]. [* The points are younger groups with 16-year-old and 15-year-old Dayoshi Oto].

── Then PINOCO?

I'm not responsible for my words, forgetful.

Dakoto Otsu boobs [laughs].

It ’s too fast to make myself [laughs].

Dakoto Otsu boobs [laughs].

PINOCO @ You're a boobs ursay [laughs].

Even though it is karaage, the claims of the chest are intense.

I guess it's all about my chest, legs and face.

で Because it's a self-paced beauty. What about Mr. Dayoshi seen from four people?

I'm sure you're a very good student [laughs].

PINOCO @ Wow ~.

Karaage is the most active.

PINOCO A type that I do without thinking. That's what I use for live performances.

The financial aspect is the worst, even if it is karaage.

It is bad if you grow up. I look cute now because I'm a child … I can't see it [laughs].

し ょ う Let's go to the next story soon [laughs]. You heard that the major debut single "FLY HIGHER AGAIN", which will be released on February 19, had lyrics written by Funashi. Was this the idea of ​​Dayoshi Oto?

I'm from Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, don't you want the impact of the first major single after all? I'm famous for Funashi, and I'm from the same city of Funabashi, and it's surprising.

か Did you get OK immediately?

Dayoshi Otsu: I didn't get it right away. He devoted Funatsushi's "first" lyrics to Uguigo. It was already a pleasure.

──On the other hand, members other than Dayoshi Oto were informed that Funashishi-san wrote the lyrics during the live show that performed this song.

Karaage I was in the middle of a live with the title “Pear 2019 vol.2”, but I realized that for the first time there was a funashi and pear hanging on it. But the lyrics were so ugly, so I understood that they wrote them after watching the ugly basket properly.

PINOCO There are a lot of negative lyrics in Uguigo. I did it.

I'm surprised. I think there are many live idols who yearn for their major debut, but what did you think when your debut was decided?

It doesn't mean that something is changing just because it's a major, so it would be great if more people could show what they've done so far to a wider audience.

I think that many people think that other idols have a major debut like a goal. I think that a major debut is not a goal but a start.

ら な い Is the direction of Uguigo still the same after the major debut?

Dakoto Otoe: It doesn't change. We're "live idols", so the main thing is live, and I think about choreography.

PINOCO: Everyone is too worried.

I think a lot of people have seen idols that have changed as a major, but I don't want to be with them.

The basics have not changed. It just expands what you can do.

──Point, is that okay?

Dot point … High [laughs].

[Interview / Text / Takeshi Kamagata]▼ Bird basket
PINOCO, Karaage, Dayoshi Oto, Banpia, a five-point idol group formed in February 2018. The youngest [15] is also an executive producer. From January 2020, we moved our activity base from Uguisudani, Tokyo to Kayabacho.

Born on January 27, type O.

AB type born on February 7.

Born on April 27, type O.

▽ Point
Born November 8, blood type unknown.

▽ Tamuko
Type B born on January 4th.

Pabanpia Birth Performance “Breath”
Date: February 22 [Sat] Open 16:00 / Start 16:30
Venue: Shibuya WOMB

2nd Anniversary Performance Day.1-Eve Festival-
Date: March 1 [Sun]Venue: Daikanyama UNIT

2nd Anniversary Performance Day.2-Main Festival-
Date: March 29 [Sun]Venue: Tokyo Kinema Club

* For details, please check the official site of Uguigo.

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