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On Thursday, December 5, 2019, three new burgers will be released in the Wendy's First Kitchen and two in the First Kitchen.

Thick and fleshy patty and cheese are great! ”The American burger” like a real burger!

Newly released at Wendy's First Kitchen are three types of hamburgers using American-born cheese "Colby Jack".

“ Colby Jack '' is an American-born cheese made by mixing “ Monterey Jack Cheese '' originated in the United States with “ Col Beaches '' that has a richness similar to Cheddar, and the bright marble color of yellow and white attracts attention .

Because it is a semi-hard type cheese made by drying, it is characterized by a low taste and easy to eat even if you are not good at cheese.

■ Bacon Double Cheese Burger / 630 yen including tax

A hamburger that uses 2 colby jack cheeses in a luxurious way.

A thick, 100% beef patties, fresh crispy lettuce cut at the shop, fresh tomatoes, and bacon, an indispensable item for American burgers.

■ Mushroom melt bacon egg burger / 590 yen including tax

This is a combination of two different textures of cheese, a hot mushroom melt sauce with plenty of melted cheddar cheese and mushrooms, popular with Wendy's First Kitchen.

Eggs and bacon that are baked in the store make it easy to eat even though it is full of volume.

■ Mushroom Melt Chicken Burger / 530 yen including tax

A burger made from mushroom melt sauce and colby jack, with home-style chicken with a simple taste that comes from Wendy's hometown of America.

Good compatibility with crispy lettuce, you can enjoy a crispy texture.

Enjoy “sound” burgers with the “Paritto” texture cheddar cheese prepared in the shop!

Two new types of “First Kitchen” will be available for a limited time: “Crispy and Tori Cheese Bacon Egg Burger” and “Crispy Cheese Burger”

The point is two types of cheese with different textures. “Crispy” cheese is a fragrant cheese made with cheddar cheese carefully prepared in a restaurant.

"Torori" textured cheese is sandwiched between burgers with a thick cheddar cheese sauce melted in a warm state.

■ Crisp Torrori Cheese Bacon Egg Burger / 430 yen including tax

A burger that combines bacon and eggs carefully baked in a store, and a thick cheddar cheese sauce, sandwiched between two pieces of cheddar cheese with a distinct crispy texture and fragrant finish.

The sauce is made of rich demiglace sauce with mushrooms, perfect for the cold season. Please enjoy various textures of crispy lettuce, crispy cheese, and trolley cheese.

■ Crisp cheese burger / 390 yen including tax

A cheeseburger with a crispy texture & fragrant finish, with a rich demiglace sauce with mushrooms in between.

You can enjoy the sensation of crispness with crispy lettuce and additive-free beef 100% patty.

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